Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventures In Curling

Hair curling! I do like curling the sport, but... definitely more the watching than the doing. Ice is cold. lol

So, yes, my wonderful hubby got me a curling iron for Christmas. Same brand as my flatiron (Conair?) so the buttons and dial set up are exactly the same. No having to learn anything new! hehehe It's your basic clamp style curling iron and I'm sure we all know what that looks like (and I'm too lazy to go get a picture now) so let's get started with my curling adventure.

First thing I had to do was straighten my hair. Curling curls just seemed silly, also... the frizz.

I didn't bother going for pin-straight, just de-frizzed.

Then I clipped my hair up into three horizontal sections. I have retained a few tips from my youth. lol

Starting at the bottom and working my way up. Seems like no matter how I started, I always ended up like this:

My hair is so stubborn I had it just as hot as it would get and had to hold it there for 20seconds per section. >_< My arms got pretty tired.

By the time I got to the top of my head I couldn't just let my neck keep my hair separate anymore. Oh no! I had to go with this maneuver here:

Thankfully I didn't end up with a purple strip up my nose. Last section!!

That's my "I'm so ready to be done now..." face. lol

And voila!

Nice loose-yet-structured curls. For... about an hour...

GYAH!! I think I should have picked up some hairspray or something. At least once they fell that far they didn't fall much further by the end of the day:

So... yeah. Even though my hair is naturally curly it does not like holding a curl.

So between this moderate success and my previous failure I've learned a few things. 1- Hairspray 2- Make sure the curling iron gets SUPER hot before starting 3- Three sections, not two. Now to just figure out how to get the curls to lay properly so they don't puff out at the sides of my face when I do get them to come out. If any of you out there are regular hair curlers and have any additional tips for me, I'm all ears!!

That's it for me today. Tomorrow I'll have a swatch of Julep Rochelle. At some point Norma is going to throw together a complete review of ILNP's ultra-chrome flakies for us!! So excited for that. Anybody grab anything good from the myriad of end-of-year sales? I broke down and ordered some more Formula X polishes through Sephora's Extra 20% Off Sale sale. While I'm on it, I also ordered Butter London Petrol with amazon cards I redeemed through mPoints, a mobile rewards program. If there is enough interest I can do a post on that. In the meantime, I'm about to try out SH Sun Sheen. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. No tips as I have very curly hair (think exploded birds nest when it's humid) so a curling iron doesn't even dare to come near it but thanks for the laughs (fourth picture is priceless!!).
    The loose-yet-structured curls look pretty though so I'd say it's definitely worth another attempt WITH hairspray (and maybe some of that foam stuff that is supposed to keep curls stay longer? My hair hates it but I've heard good stories about it from people with normal hair on their head).

    1. LOL Glad ya liked it. ;) Mine is definitely exploded birds nest if I don't straighten it first. >_> I've even let all of the dye/bleach grow out and it's still a hot mess so I don't even bother trying to baby it anymore. Definitely going to pick up some hair spray. Another hair thing I haven't used in forever... lol

  2. Your result w/o hair spray is pretty darn good! If I don't use hair spray my curls fall out in like 15 minutes!

    1. Hrm... maybe it does hold a little better... lol Definitely need to pick up some hairspray... >_>


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