Saturday, November 8, 2014

Zoya: Charlotte +Stamped +Julep

Yep, few things to cram into this post. lol Starting with three coats of Zoya's Charlotte. Pretty sheer and kinda thick. I had a hard time with cleanup because I ended up with some bubbles around the edges. This is one of my Zoya freebies, though, so I can't complain too much. I'm definitely thinking it's an older polish since I've never had these problems with a Zoya.

I don't often go for neutrals, but I believe it's good to have some. I thought Charlotte was going to be more like Julep's Karen. They are similar, but Karen is more peachy while Charlotte is more... neutral... ?? Sure. Charlotte does have her own pretty shimmer, though.

So that's nice. Still... a canvas this bare just screams for nail art! So I flipped through my big book of stamping plates and instantly fixated on Cheeky plate CH4.

I was in such a hurry to do something and went to town with the first "brownish" polish I came across. In this case that was China Glaze Hybrid. If you happened to be trolling Instagram earlier you saw how well that worked out...

Actual stamping: A+! Color selection: C-... Visible, but far too "subtle". No worries! Cheryl to the rescue! (gold star for anybody that can guess why that cracked me up all day)

Had an interesting... thing... here. On my right hand I got the design a little too low and had gaps at my cuticles. My left hand I made sure to get up to my cuticles and had gaps at the tips. *sigh*

I really need to do more stamping after a big chop. lol I did manage to get them all lined up fairly straight, though, so yay! I'll give myself a solid B on this one.

So. Anybody else have to wrestle their Maven box out of their mail box? Usually it's a smidge tight, but I can get it out. Today I had to open the side of the box, pull out all the innards, and had Aaron crunch up the box to get it out. Seriously? I know I'm not the only person with a "the whole block shares one" kind of mailbox... Julep! Shrink the box about 1cm³ please.

No polish this time. Went with some basic essentials instead. A smoothing basecoat, oxygen treatment (says it's not supposed to be used as a basecoat), more quick dry drops, hand and cuticle stick and a cuticle pusher so I'll quite using my nails to do the job. Hopefully. lol

I've got the Oxygen Treatment on now. It dried really quickly, but that's about all I can say so far. I also tried the hand & cuticle stick. Little awkward my first time using it, but it feels really nice (and will come in handy with the dry winter months approaching) and smells amazing! Fresh and just a little sweet. Also tried out the cuticle pusher and it works fairly well. The ends are curved, but my nails are more curved so I do have to go around a bit, but it works.

So, big surprise! I will, in fact, be going away for the weekend after my birthday. Four days, three nights at a spa/resort. I was, naturally?, concerned that my Sephora box would arrive while I was gone, but according to the tracker it should be here Wednesday. *fingers crossed* hehehe Uhm... I'm thinking Zoya Hunter for tomorrow. Looks like it would match well with my last Rimmel glitter. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/" omg My hands smell so pretty.... *sniffs*


  1. oooh resort/spa weekend? Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. the stamps are good :) maybe layer some more other stamps and glitter thats my go to way to hide things i dont realy like :)

    1. Your designs are always brilliant! I'm going to try and do one of yours for the "recreate someone else's mani" for the #SBBNailChallenge. ^_^

  3. Charlotte is super pretty! I have that oxygen treatment, I like the thought of polish that let's your nails breath. I've actually used it as a base coat.

    1. Yeah, whether it does anything special or not, the thought is nice. lol Good to know it does work as a basecoat!


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