Monday, November 10, 2014

Maybelline: Mystic Green

Yeah, no glitter this time. I had a problem with one of the star glitters in Bling Thing, but I have a few more green creams over which I can layer it so I'm not terribly upset.

I decided to layer Mystic Green over Hunter because Mystic Green is one of those pulverized metallics that tends to be sheer at extreme angles. Logically I know I'd rarely see it, but knowing that sheerness is there would bother me anyway.

This is two coats over Hunter. Mystic Green is also one of those duochromes that shows much better in the shade than direct sun...

There we are. lol Green and gold, and a bit of blue that wasn't wanting to show up.

I'm always a bit hinky about buying Maybelline (also owned by L'Oreal... they own a lot) because of animal testing. According to their official statement they "no longer" test on animals, but will if "regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes" which concerns me. So L'Oreal products are likely to continue being a rarity. At least for my own peace of mind. Of course finding out that Rimmel is owned by Coty (and sells to China) didn't help, but Susanna's comment here kinda did... Seems to me that if companies really cared they could just stop selling to China. All it takes is pressure.

Before I go upsetting myself further I'm going to head off. Thinking Lush for tomorrow. That's a happy color. lol Y'all take care out there. Hope everyone has a great week! (^_^)"/"


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