Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Face & Nails + Mini-Haul

Happy Halloween!!! I was going to post yesterday, but we got super busy. As usual. lol I kind of neglected doing a month of Halloween nail art like I've tried to do in past years, but at least I managed to pull something together for yesterday:

I wanted to keep it simple and not too flashy so I used Zoya Dahlia for the main mani, and Dovima for the accents... apparently the exact opposite of the last time I wore Dovima... hrm...

(sorry, threw the matte topcoat on at the last minute) For a bit of Halloween flash I pulled out Water Decals Halloween from Born Pretty Store. Remember the massive sheet with the spooky framed pictures? Yeah, I still have a lot of those.

Even though we didn't really have any plans and didn't "officially" dress up... I could not let Halloween go by without doing something! I've been hanging on to this heart-shaped eyepatch since that Alice In Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp came out. Found it on clearance and hadn't really gotten around to "eyepatch pictures" until yesterday.

It's a bit big on my (super long) face, so I can't imagine it would look great on someone with a nice, small, round face. I like it, though. I didn't think to get close-ups, but I am wearing the matte red lipstick I got from Zoya. I do wish I had some lip liner around because I got some red flecks around the corners of my mouth. It wore great for about 5 hours, but then it started to feel a bit dry. Not overly dry, but dry enough for me to risk smudging it with lip balm.

At the end of the day, of course, my makeup had begun moving around a bit. Aaron said something to the effect of "Your makeup looks pretty cool smudged up like that" and I said "does it look like I was crying?" after which I "cried" all melodramatically and dragged my fingers down my whole face, to which he replied, "It does now...". XD

hehehe Sometimes I just can't help myself.

OMG! So yesterday we went over to a friend's house to help with Halloween make-ups. They came out so good!!

hehehehe Spreading the love. Anyway, since I helped he split the proceeds with me. Clear instructions: "You spend this on yourself. You haven't been to Ulta in a while; go there." Well *pfft* can't argue with that, right?

I haven't been in since they added the Benefit Brow Bar and was a bit disoriented, but managed to find all kinds of neat stuff. They updated the core essence display with Candy Crush, a matte that I had to grab; and I found The Boy Next Door (the blue) on the clearance shelf. Also on clearance I grabbed a bottle of the SH VitaSurge since it helped my poor nails so much last time. The Orly, Lush, I've been lemming after for a while. The NOPI now... all of the NOPI's and SH's were priced between $2-$4. o_O I haven't grabbed any of these gumdrops because they normally sell for, like, $8, right? This was $3.50. I don't know if they're trying to sell them out to make room for something else or if there is a sale I didn't know about. Either way I had to grab That's What I Mint even though it's not mint colored. lol I seem to recall Norma gushing over it.

*phew* Tomorrow I'll finally have swatches of Loredana and Disco Fever. I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was so be sure to come back for that. Time to grab dinner so I will see y'all tomorrow! Take care and I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Love the blood splatter decals!!! The red lipstick looks great on you, I can not pull off red! I finally got an Ulta near me and when I went I totally forgot to check if they sold Essence :( must remember that for next time!

    1. Thanks! ^_^ It was a bit hard to look at in person since I usually do nude lips, but at least it looked pretty good in pics. lol OMG I hope they do! So far I've found them sorta near the registers and almost always on an endcap. Happy hunting!!

  2. Your friend's witch project is SO good!

    1. *witch costume.... I must have been thinking blair witch project in my head!

  3. OMG that Zoya lippie is sexy as hell! And the halloween makeup you did came out so awesome. YES!! You got that's what I mint! Lizzy you are going to LOVE it. Try to wear it on a sunny day so you can see how it sparkles in the sun _-_ <- falls over at mere memory

    1. *blushes* hehehe

      I knew you had raved about it!! :D We're expecting rain this whole week, though... *cries* Definitely going to hang on to it for sun.


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