Sunday, November 30, 2014

Formula X: Voodoo & Maniacal

Hey, dolls. Blogger isn't loading my reading list again. -_- Hopefully I can get to that before I go to bed tonight so I don't end up way behind again. Today I have a really pretty combination for you. When I picked these colors I didn't intend to wear them together, but... the more I looked at them.... hehehe Starting with two coats of Voodoo:

This. Color. Is. GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it! I had to check online because I was pretty sure it was supposed to be holo... and it is! It's a subdued holo like the most recent China Glaze ones, though.

You can kinda see it on my index finger at the top there. Either way, I'm loving the pink.

Then I added one coat of Maniacal and finished with one coat of the Julep Freedom polymer topcoat. Yep, still got some of that left.

So cool! ^_^ I really wish these polishes hadn't been so expensive when they were first released. Really great colors and formulas. *FLAILS* Stupid broke-itis....

Tomorrow is the big stamping extravaganza reveal! Are we all appropriately excited? I know I am. lol No idea what I'm going to do after that. Still have a ton of Zoyas to go through so I'll probably pick one of those. Hope everyone's had a great weekend. See you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"


  1. OMGosh!!! Love that color combo! @-@ If you want some more of the polishes like Maniacal check TJ Maxx, I picked up that one and 2 others like it for $2 each! I am beyond excited to see your stamping!! :)

    1. *cries* We don't have a TJ Maxx around here. :( We have Ross and it sucks and the people that work there are mean. *sigh* Perhaps it's for the best... I've already had to remind myself ten times that I need to buy presents for other people before buying more polish for myself. LOL

  2. Love that top coat, matte glitters are my weakness!

    1. Yes! ^_^ Sparkles are nice, but I think matte glitters are more versatile.


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