Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Formula X: A+

I admit I felt a little silly creating a whole sub-album for this post because... well...

Ta-da? A+ is a basic cream... color. Looks berry colored indoors, more fuchsia colored in the sun. (not the red that's showing up on my monitor) I got this with some of my Sephora points because, ya know, free polish! lol I've never tried any of the Formula X polishes before (they were crazy expensive) and I'm wondering why Sephora is clearancing them all out. The formula (ha) is amazing! If you don't mind a little bit of VNL then you could totally get away with one coat. It was a bit sheer but not streaky or weird.

So, yeah, that's it. lol Not entirely because I will be stamping over this, but... you won't get to see that for a few days yet. Going to try and get all four designs from this plate compiled before doing the post. One of them? Oh man... it's gonna be gorgeous. This one should be pretty, too... But you'll have to wait. lol I finally got around to re-doing my purple hair so maybe I'll have some pics of that tomorrow. Gotta straighten it for Thursday anyway. Y'all don't me me showcasing my rampant narcissism here, do ya? No? Good! Then c'mon back for some shots of my fugly mug tomorrow. (^_^)"/"


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