Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Essence: The Boy Next Door & Salon Perfect: Spot On

Hello, everybody! Going to try and make this a fairly quick post so I can go feed the cats and get back to Sims. lol

Starting with essence The Boy Next Door. I don't know if this was a core polish or part of a trend edition. I found it in the clearance bin and had never seen it before. This could have easily been two coats, but I slept pretty hard that night and got some massive sheet/hair marks that I had to go over.

The Boy Next Door is an amazing bright, deep blue. Perfect cream finish means it would pair well with a glitter (hint hint lol) without overpowering it! The glitter this time is Salon Perfect's Spot On. I've had this sitting around for a while and the circle glitters have settled a bit:

I didn't bother mixing it up at all, figuring the glitters would be easier to gather all condensed like this.

I was partially right. lol I did manage to grab quite a few glitters with each dunk (and a bit of fishing), but I also got tons of the clear base. Which, I suppose, worked out in its own way because I did have to move the circles around to spread them out. I did topcoat just to be sure it dried because the base was also pretty thick.

I was going to add a little something to this for the "polka dots" nail challenge, but... I just keep thinking how difficult this is going to be to remove as it is. lol Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I'm going to go feed the cats now (so they'll shut up for two seconds! lol) and then figure out which of my preciouses is going to be next! Y'all take care out there and happy polishing!! (^_^)"/"


  1. that blue is sooo beautiful and the top coat is awesome

  2. What a gorgeous blue. That top coat is interesting, never seen a straight up matte white and black circle combo like that but they are a bit too big for my liking :p

    1. lol They are a bit big. I already have small ones, though, so it's nice finding something different. ;)


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