Monday, November 24, 2014

Born Pretty Store Sailor Moon Stamping Plate Review

Okay, I don't know what is going on over at Born Pretty Store, but it seems they're changing things again. I clicked on the link in my "previous orders" so I could share the page for Sailor Moon Pattern Nail Art Stamp Image Plate Template BORN PRETTY 06 and the plate they are selling now is different from the one I recieved during the SECKILL promotion:

I don't really mind, frankly I like the one I have better. lol Honestly, as long as the plate has the iconic Sailor Moon image, who cares?

For today's design I started with two coats of essence Jacob's Protection and stamped with essence Silver Twister. My left hand definitely turned out the best.

It's like she's floating towards the moon! ^_^ I did kind of the same thing on my right hand, but it turned out a little backwards.

Oops. I decided to go with some of the bigger stars on my thumbs.

Having been a fan of Sailor Moon for nearly 20 years, seeing this plate available made me so excited! I'm glad I didn't have any problems getting the images to transfer.

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Moon Pattern Nail Art Stamp Image Plate Template BORN PRETTY 06 is a must have and reasonably priced at only $1.99. Super fun! Did you snag any 1cent plates from the SECKILL promotion?


  1. I really like this! Perfect color combo :)

    1. Thank you!! ^_^ I think I'm getting a little better. lol

  2. That's a really nice stamping plate. Super nice on the nails :)

    1. Thanks! ^_^ It's easily one of my favorites.


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