Sunday, November 30, 2014

Formula X: Voodoo & Maniacal

Hey, dolls. Blogger isn't loading my reading list again. -_- Hopefully I can get to that before I go to bed tonight so I don't end up way behind again. Today I have a really pretty combination for you. When I picked these colors I didn't intend to wear them together, but... the more I looked at them.... hehehe Starting with two coats of Voodoo:

This. Color. Is. GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it! I had to check online because I was pretty sure it was supposed to be holo... and it is! It's a subdued holo like the most recent China Glaze ones, though.

You can kinda see it on my index finger at the top there. Either way, I'm loving the pink.

Then I added one coat of Maniacal and finished with one coat of the Julep Freedom polymer topcoat. Yep, still got some of that left.

So cool! ^_^ I really wish these polishes hadn't been so expensive when they were first released. Really great colors and formulas. *FLAILS* Stupid broke-itis....

Tomorrow is the big stamping extravaganza reveal! Are we all appropriately excited? I know I am. lol No idea what I'm going to do after that. Still have a ton of Zoyas to go through so I'll probably pick one of those. Hope everyone's had a great weekend. See you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

#SBBNailChallenge: Fun With Holos And Flakies

So the prompt I chose for today's #SBBNailChallenge was 38 - Duochrome, Flakie, Holo. It was like lightning in my brain and I had this awesome idea! Took some corroborating with Norma and we finally came up with a mani that, for once, perfectly reflects my vision! I started with two coats of Color Club Beyond, then I sponged Finger Paints Motley (thanks again to KarenD for this one) to get a good concentration of the flakies by my cuticles. The final result: better than I could have hoped.

Starting in the shade the holo mostly disappears, but the flakies are very prominent:

Then when I move into the sun the flakies take a decisive backseat to the fabulous holo sparkle!

It's like two manis in one! I'm glad I didn't go for all-over flakies, because I think that would have been too much. Like this, though? Best of both worlds.

Ka-chick! hehehe

OMG I have some super fun stuff coming up, again with the help of Norma. Tomorrow I'll have swatches of my remaining Formula X polishes: Voodoo and Maniacal. Then, with luck, Monday I'll finally be able to unveil my hoarded stampings! I am so excited and so happy with how they've all turned out. I can't wait to share. I do hope you'll join me. In the meantime, y'all take care and I hope that each of you has a fantastic weekend. (^_^)"/"

Friday, November 28, 2014

Zoya: Rocky

I'm here!! Hope everyone who celebrated had a very Happy Thanksgiving. The rest of you, I hope you had a great Thursday! This is going to be another quick kind of post, mostly trying to compile stamping pics for that upcoming review. So, today I have two coats of Zoya Rocky!

Gorgeous bright, light blue cream. Just a smidge of sleep damage easily fixed with topcoat. This is another one of those amazing Zoyas that's totally opaque without a bunch of hassle.

Spent Thanksgiving with the in-laws so to give this post a bit more substance, here are some deer:

lol If I can remember to pickup polish remover today I have an awesome (hopefully) idea for the #SBBNailChallenge for tomorrow. Time to go brave the stores for dinner. Brought home leftovers, but I think they're gone already. lol Hope everyone has a super amazing weekend! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Tribute To Narcissism

I'll be honest, by and large I'm not a fan of the way I look. Other people seem to like it well enough, but I've always wished I was cuter. Or, at least, more photogenic. I can clean up okay and try to make myself "human looking" for special occasions, but for the most part I just let it be. That said, I do believe that self-love (to a point) is important for everybody. So every now and then, usually when I have a new hair color or wig, I try to get a few good pictures where I can look at myself and say, "Yeah, okay, I guess I can be pretty". We're all unique and beautiful in our own way and sometimes, I think, it's okay to celebrate that.

Because, if we're being honest here (and I really try to) it doesn't matter if the people that love you tell you you're pretty/handsome because they're biased. Which is good! What matters, though, is being able to see that in yourself, too.

I always catch a lot of flack for not smiling in my selfies. That is because, frankly, I think I look like a goon when I smile.

If you want a toothy grin picture, you'll have to catch that on your own and good luck!!

Cuz that's the best you'll get from me. lol I do like this cool, spiky thing my hair kept doing:

Also rare are pictures where I'm wearing my glasses. Not because I hate them (I love them!), but because they're cracked and always catch a glare.

While I was outside I played around with some of my photo-apps. Here's if I were twins:

Very scary. lol Lastly here's a filter that caught my eye while I was scrolling through:

Kinda looks like I'm stuck in the matrix.

So that's it. Nearly fifty pictures taken and those were the ones that didn't get deleted. Now, sadly, I must venture to the store for dinner and fend off all the people who waited until the last minute to gather their Thanksgiving day fixin's. *sigh* Wish me luck! I'll be back tomorrow with Zoya Rocky!! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Formula X: A+

I admit I felt a little silly creating a whole sub-album for this post because... well...

Ta-da? A+ is a basic cream... color. Looks berry colored indoors, more fuchsia colored in the sun. (not the red that's showing up on my monitor) I got this with some of my Sephora points because, ya know, free polish! lol I've never tried any of the Formula X polishes before (they were crazy expensive) and I'm wondering why Sephora is clearancing them all out. The formula (ha) is amazing! If you don't mind a little bit of VNL then you could totally get away with one coat. It was a bit sheer but not streaky or weird.

So, yeah, that's it. lol Not entirely because I will be stamping over this, but... you won't get to see that for a few days yet. Going to try and get all four designs from this plate compiled before doing the post. One of them? Oh man... it's gonna be gorgeous. This one should be pretty, too... But you'll have to wait. lol I finally got around to re-doing my purple hair so maybe I'll have some pics of that tomorrow. Gotta straighten it for Thursday anyway. Y'all don't me me showcasing my rampant narcissism here, do ya? No? Good! Then c'mon back for some shots of my fugly mug tomorrow. (^_^)"/"

Monday, November 24, 2014

Born Pretty Store Sailor Moon Stamping Plate Review

Okay, I don't know what is going on over at Born Pretty Store, but it seems they're changing things again. I clicked on the link in my "previous orders" so I could share the page for Sailor Moon Pattern Nail Art Stamp Image Plate Template BORN PRETTY 06 and the plate they are selling now is different from the one I recieved during the SECKILL promotion:

I don't really mind, frankly I like the one I have better. lol Honestly, as long as the plate has the iconic Sailor Moon image, who cares?

For today's design I started with two coats of essence Jacob's Protection and stamped with essence Silver Twister. My left hand definitely turned out the best.

It's like she's floating towards the moon! ^_^ I did kind of the same thing on my right hand, but it turned out a little backwards.

Oops. I decided to go with some of the bigger stars on my thumbs.

Having been a fan of Sailor Moon for nearly 20 years, seeing this plate available made me so excited! I'm glad I didn't have any problems getting the images to transfer.

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Moon Pattern Nail Art Stamp Image Plate Template BORN PRETTY 06 is a must have and reasonably priced at only $1.99. Super fun! Did you snag any 1cent plates from the SECKILL promotion?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-02

Hello, ladies! Today I will be reviewing the Chic Lace Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY 02. AKA: BPS Stamping Plate BP-02. Sadly, I picked this up on sale for 99cents (regular price $2.99) and it is currently out of stock. Furthermore the item page says "no longer available" and, again, I'm not sure if this is temporary or permanent. As far as I know this is a fairly recent release so I can't imagine why they would discontinue it already. I am confused... Anyway, here's a look at the plate:

I chose this one primarily for the larger patterns, but also because the bottom-left image looks like a doily. I don't have many (if any) designs that look like lace.

To start I alternated the top-left and bottom-right flower images on my left hand. I was hoping to use this for the #SBBNailChallenge, but I don't think they came across as very different.

I did have some problems getting the images to come out crisp. I tried scraping 3-4 times and that helped a bit. I'm not sure if it's the plate itself or if, perhaps, it's time I invested in a metal scraper.

On my right hand I used the bottom-left "doily" design.

This one came out a bit cleaner except where my topcoat tried to smudge it around.

Overall I'm fairly pleased with this plate. The designs are large enough to cover my nails easily and, I think, with a bit more practice/care the images would look much better. Did you pick up Chic Lace Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY 02 during the 99cent sale? What are your thoughts on it?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Zoya: Lotus

I have been wanting Lotus since I first saw Zoya's True display in Ulta... a while back. Finally she is mine! Two super easy coats, dried fairly quickly. I did add topcoat both for shine (Lotus dries semi-matte) and to cover up some sleep-dings.

OMG! Lotus is a dusty kind of deep purple with gobs of pink/red shimmer!! Isn't she just stunning?!

I fully expected the shimmer to hide, but that was (obviously) not the case. lol Now I absolutely have to get Tru!

Finally got all of my plates from Born Pretty Store's "SECKILL" and 99cent sales!

So expect a lot of stamping coming up. lol Starting hopefully tomorrow!

Time to throw my pants on and start getting ready. Need to run to the bank, because.... stupid Julep.... LOL I'm getting the It Girl box next month. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Y'all be safe out there. (^_^)"/"

Friday, November 21, 2014

Zoya: Envy & Rimmel: Bling Thing

Hello darlings! Today I've got a very special green to share with you in Zoya's Envy. Dark and seductive, heavily pigmented, smooth as silk and super shiny even without topcoat.

Vampy love. And a perfectly smooth contrasting base for Bling Thing!

Which sometimes looks green, sometimes gold. Small and tiny hex glitters and a few stars thrown in for interest. Natural application; no fishing or placing. Dried really quickly. Fun glitter overall.

Over the years I've had a few hair colors I managed to not get pictures of, so... last night I threw on some makeups to get a pick of the inadvertent pink. For posterity.

Still trying to get back into my routine. It's proving harder than I anticipated. lol Hope everyone is having a great week and has a great upcoming weekend. (^_^)"/" Y'all take care and stay safe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zoya: Harlow & Nails Inc: Marble Arch

lol So apparently while trying to not rub my trip in anybody's face... I failed to mention it hardly at all when/where appropriate. Oops. I had fun and got good and relaxed and now I'm back with polishes to share!

Starting with two coats of Zoya Harlow! I applied this the day before I left and, much like Loredana, she lasted the whole extended weekend!

With only minimal tipwear! I love Zoya. ^_^

I was sitting here trying to decide what to wear next and decided to go ahead and get Marble Arch out of the way. You know how I am about reds...

I do love the texture, though. ^_^

Still trying to get back into my routine so... here's a picture of my hair after an hour of bleaching:

LOL I'm considering keeping it this way for a little while. Still have a bottle of bleach if I need to redo my roots before adding the purple.

I think for tomorrow I'm doing Zoya Envy topped with Rimmel Bling Thing. That should be a pretty combo. Hope everyone is having a great week!! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Orly: Lush #SBBNailChallenge +Plus!!

Yes, I'm late. Sorry about that. Busy day between taking my mom to Georgetown and... procrastinating on everything else... >_> lol So much stuff to cover before I go and clean out the freezer so let's get started!

Okay, first off I started with two coats of Models Own Aciiied. If you click that link (or keep reading) you'll note that I had some drying issues the first time I wore her. This time I did not so I'm going to go ahead and update that to say it was, in fact, the humidity. Anyway, two coats of Aciiied then two coats of Lush yields super gorgeous awesomeness for Lizzy.

This is slightly (slightly) more green in real life.

I like that it has just a smattering of bar glitters. Not so many that it looks ridiculous, but enough so that you know it's there.

Time for another #SBBNailChallenge!! This time I went with #29 - Recreate someone else's mani. Now, this isn't a direct recreation due to my not having any of her plates (as far as I know?), but I have been in love with gin shivers' double-stamped manis since... well... the first time I saw one. So that's what I did!

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-208, essie Penny Talk and essie Blue Rhapsody. Oh yeah, and a matte topcoat to make it easier to photograph.

I tried to have the first stamp face one direction and the other facing the other, but... I don't know if I did. lol It was so hard to tell with this design. I think it came out pretty cool, though.

So there's another in the can!


Now, before I get to my Sephora box, let's all gather 'round for a bit of good, old fashioned polish SCIENCE!! *insert maniacal cackle here* Norma and I were talking about amazeballs polish combinations. She wants a combination of NOPI That's What I Mint and Mutagen. Me? I want a mix of Aciiied and Loredana... that glows! My swatch test looks promising and I will be making this into a full mani next week.

That is two coats of Aciiied, three coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow to make sure it glows, one coat of My Private Rainbow, finished with Julep's matte topcoat. I am in love and do not understand why this isn't a singular polish yet.

Sephora time! So happy my box made it here and I didn't have to go chasing it around.

All of that. lol Everything non-polish was free, as was the Formula X mini. So excited about the Nails Inc Concrete polishes; and the whole slew of freebies! Mascara and lipsticks and primers and scents. I think I'm most looking forward to the Seaberry moisturizing face oil. I've been loving the Tarte maracuja oil and am looking forward to trying something similar. Also, I've never used a primer before and I got a few of those. They say "before foundation" which I don't use so it will be interesting to see if they work well with just the pressed powder.

So... yeah. I think that's it. lol Still need to update my stash page. *squee* Also, for those of you who may not have gotten the email: ILNP is releasing Ultrachrome flakies!!! *dies* I'm going to miss the pre-order, unfortunately, but Norma will be on deck for that one. I will be getting them, it's just going to take me a little longer. lol I honestly can't believe how stunning they are. If you need any more convincing, check out this video that Norma found which shows how easy they are to remove!! Definite must-haves. hehehe Okay, I'm off now. Y'all take care!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Maybelline: Mystic Green

Yeah, no glitter this time. I had a problem with one of the star glitters in Bling Thing, but I have a few more green creams over which I can layer it so I'm not terribly upset.

I decided to layer Mystic Green over Hunter because Mystic Green is one of those pulverized metallics that tends to be sheer at extreme angles. Logically I know I'd rarely see it, but knowing that sheerness is there would bother me anyway.

This is two coats over Hunter. Mystic Green is also one of those duochromes that shows much better in the shade than direct sun...

There we are. lol Green and gold, and a bit of blue that wasn't wanting to show up.

I'm always a bit hinky about buying Maybelline (also owned by L'Oreal... they own a lot) because of animal testing. According to their official statement they "no longer" test on animals, but will if "regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes" which concerns me. So L'Oreal products are likely to continue being a rarity. At least for my own peace of mind. Of course finding out that Rimmel is owned by Coty (and sells to China) didn't help, but Susanna's comment here kinda did... Seems to me that if companies really cared they could just stop selling to China. All it takes is pressure.

Before I go upsetting myself further I'm going to head off. Thinking Lush for tomorrow. That's a happy color. lol Y'all take care out there. Hope everyone has a great week! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zoya: Hunter +Borderlands 2 +Hello Kitty Wig

Yep, another cram post. lol I'll try to not ramble too much.

Starting with two coats of Zoya Hunter. I don't think I need to tell you how much I love this color!!

It was a lot more smooth and glossy before my rough 10hours of sleep. >_> I was going to topcoat it, but I'm going to layer over it anyway, so... I didn't.

If I was ever going to be an evil sorceress, this would be my theme color. hehehehe

Aaron's been pushing me to finish off Borderland 2 so I can play The Pre-Sequel with him. There were a few people who helped me to get 100% completion on this one. My "old man" friend, Dave, who bought me a Gold Account (necessary for multi-player) for my birthday, Ahtram who decimated Terramorphous (super hard boss fight) for me and Aaron who helped me finish off a couple of missions from the Campagne of Carnage that were proving to be much harder than they should have been, and also helping me find Jenkins for the final challenge.

So thank you guys for helping me out with this one! ^_^ I probably could have done it without you, but it would have taken forever to gain enough levels and badass rank to accomplish.

Wig time! I like to troll the discounted Halloween stuff for cheap wigs. The past couple of years I've been lucky finding discounted Monster High wigs. No such luck this year, but I did find a "child's" Hello Kitty wig!

That's my favorite pic, but you can't see the ears...

Not my favorite, but you can see the ears. lol

Up close and personal. lol I went with purple eyeshadow this time.

And my "I look like everybody else duck face selfie" pic...

Just for giggles.

I was thinking Maybelline's Mystic Green is a bit sheer, so I'm going to use Hunter as a base for that and Bling Thing. Separate hands. Obviously? Anyway, should have that ready for tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Time for me to run out for dinner. lol Y'all take care, be safe and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"