Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sinful Colors: Starry Night +Haul +Sims

Good (almost) Morning, all you beautiful peoples. ^_^ Anybody else finding it ridiculously difficult to crawl out of bed now that it's getting colder? lol I am, for sure.

Today I have three coats of Starry Night. I don't know if this is a special Halloween polish from Sinful Colors (I believe I may have seen it before), but I found it in the Halloween display.

Starry Night has a fairly sheer black base with tiny holo sparkles and some holo shreds thrown in for good measure. That top pic is with my camera, the next is with my phone:

I didn't get a lot of the shreds out of the bottle this time, but I got a few!

For some reason even though I could see all of the sparkling with my eyes, my cameras were having a hard time. So here's a blurry close-up taken while I was in the bathroom:

Sparkly! And a bottle shot where you can see more of the shreds just hanging out against the glass:

As I mentioned yesterday this did chip pretty badly on my right hand. Thankfully Moxxi leans towards trashy so I didn't feel all out of character. :p

ZOYA!! Imagine, if you will, my squee of delight when I spotted my package sitting on the trash can a full day before the projected delivery date! ^_^

Charisma (which is more purple than pink), Tilda, Loredana and Harlow. *SQUEE* hehehe Also, my free Matte Duo gift!

Posh will be heading up to Norma and I'll have swatches of the unnamed (and, sadly, unlabelled) matte lipstick just as soon as I feel like doing up my face. I did a quick swatch for Norma last night (she twisted my arm... lol) and it is WAY brighter than what I normally wear, but I do love the matte finish. I'd say the wear is pretty good, too, since I woke up with red lips. LOL

Quick Sims. Still (slowly) working on my legacy family. I've had random members digging around for "treasure" and finally managed to dig up all of the "MySims" trophies!

This was confirmed by a handy pop-up and the appearance of a "completion" plaque in their mailbox. Huzzah! Still need a few minerals and fossils, but one collection down and I can sell the duplicates.

Tomorrow I'll have a review of the "water marble" decals. I'm wearing Fro Yo! right now. Think I'm going to go ahead and use it as a base for some stamping (need more points for more plates!) and then I'm going to reach for Tilda. Partly because I'm such a green fiend, partly because she looks like she'd make a good base for Hip City Jack. Got a few (hopefully) non-busy days before we find out if we'll be able to go to Oklahoma so I should be able to fit all that in. In the meantime I'll be swagging my little fingers to the bone for my birthday Sephora haul. I was doing good for a while, but it still feels like a new computer is so far away... *sigh* Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. i'm wearing starry night today!!! it's so pretty. i used a glitter base coat so it is chipping too. but i don't care even if it looks pretty for only one day... :)

    1. At least it wasn't just me. ^_^ lol It is really pretty. Even just for one day. ;)

  2. That's gorgeous! Very galaxy-esque!
    And talk about finding it hard to get out of bed... I've been waking up to gloomy rainy days all week this week! UGH!

    1. I was just thinking it would make a good base for galaxy nails! ^_^ Great minds. ;)

      Oh man, that's the worst. I love the rain, but it's definitely the kind of weather that makes ya want to stay in bed...

  3. I'm with you--I recall seeing Starry Night before, but not a lot of places--might have been a Walmart exclusive for a while or something.

    It's not the cold that keeps me in bed, it's the dark. So much easier to get up when the sun is already out.

    1. That may have been it. I'm glad it's more widely available now. ^_^

      hehehe Definitely helps to have some light. ;) dark=sleep!

  4. I had a problem with my hard drive and lost all my data including the sims. Well since then haven't played sims 4 at all. Just started playing the online sims game that is a bit different.

    1. Oh noes!!! :'( I'm sorry to hear that. Is it like the Sims on facebook or a different one?


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