Sunday, October 12, 2014

Musing? Rambling?

Procrastinating? lol I do have pics for the water decals, but I'm too headachy right now to put together a decent review. So let's see what's going on other than that.

Late last week I was finally treated to a new affordable display at HEB. Not essence, sadly, but Rimmel is good, too.

Glitter Bombs! I grabbed five of the coupons to hang onto, good thing because they were gone by the next day. So far I've gotten to use two.

I got Disco Fever, awesome square holo glitters; and Bling Thing which has hexes and stars! I still want at least the purple and blue one. The other two look a bit Christmassy and it won't break my heart if I end up missing them. lol

Weighed in today at an even 154lbs. 4lbs away from my goal. I'm willing to admit it's a fairly arbitrary number. 150. Last time I did this I completely turned my life around, lifting and juicing and severely restricting my calories. This time it's been mostly cardio and coming in just under my MFP calculated calorie goal. I've learned more about how much I can eat of foods I like to eat and feel better about my ability to keep the weight off this time. Being this close to goal I know the only way I'm going to see real change is to start some kind of toning/strength training... that's hard for me. The bike is easy. Yoga works, I know that, but hulu removed the video I like. We have some free weights in the back yard. I got pretty good with those last time. Baby steps for my lazy ass. lol

All in all I'm happy with the progress I've made. Just in time, too. For those of you who aren't familiar with Borderlands, this is Moxxi:

There is a part of me that still wishes I had a corset to suck in my middle a bit more, but 30lbs ago I would have been dreading walking out of the house like that. Now? I feel alright about it. Not super pumped and confident, but alright.

I don't know if I'll have time to blog Starry Night tomorrow, but I do have it on and will get pics. It's pretty sweet, I'll tell ya that much. Going for a third coat now, but totally worth it. Uhm... Oh! We finally got ghosts in Sims. lol Took forever to have one show up and now Aaron is having the hardest time getting his Sims to die the way he wants. I think I'll load that up and see if anybody uploaded special (electrocuted, fire, etc) ghost families. After I update my stash page. Almost up to 1100 polishes... yeesh... Hope everyone had a great weekend. Y'all take care. If I don't see you tomorrow I'll definitely be back Tuesday with my midnight release pics! (^_^)"/"


  1. Congratulations Lizzy! You've worked hard. I'm so happy you're reaching your target weight! LOL your Simming is super entertaining! I never knew...well anything about Sims but there are specific types of ghosts? That's cool

    1. Thanks! :D Oh my yes, there is a ghost for every kind of death. ^_^ It's always been that way (at least since 2), but I think they've gotten even more involved over the years.

  2. By "juicing", you mean drinking it, right??? Congrats on being so close to your goal!


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