Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funky Fingers: Hip City Jack

I'm here. ^_^ Digging way back to early last week when I layered Hip City Jack over Zoya Tilda.

Two coats of Hip City Jack. Super sheer shimmer with a smattering of tiny blue glitters.

It did dry fairly quickly and had that rough-glitter texture so I did add topcoat to finish it off.

For those of you who are super lazy and suck at coming up with ideas (you're in good company!!), the lovely Amy from Small Budget Beauty has hooked us up with a super laid-back, non-linear nail art challenge:

Amy says: "If you would like to play along too feel free to do so. Please tag your posts with SBBNailChallenge or use #SBBNailChallenge on Instagram, that way I can see all of your amazing nail art! This is not a weekly challenge so don't feel pressured to post every week (unless you just want too), just when you are looking for some inspiration. Also no need to go in order, just do what sticks out to you." What could be easier than that? I think #44 is going to be the hardest. lol

Got some chunks of my birthday haul on their way. I have enough untrieds (and,now, some nail arts to do) to last until then so I think I'll hang tight on them and post the whole mass all at once. hehehe Uhm... apparently I need to figure out what I did with the bottle of glitter polish I took pics of earlier so... yeah. Y'all take care and I'll be back tomorrow with some stamping. (^_^)"/"


  1. Now that sounds like a challenge I could do as well!
    One per week... yep, that should cover my manicures until the end of 2015 quite nicely ;)

    1. I was thinking that! lol No more "I can't think of anything" excuses here! ;)

  2. Sorry if you get this twice, Google didn't like my first post LOL
    IDK how I missed this post!!! Love this color combo Tilda is going on my Zoya Wish list! Where is Funky Fingers sold? That is one brand that I can't remember seeing while I've been out and about. Thanks for the shout out for the challenge, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with :)

    1. I don't know why, but my blog always eats my first comment, too!! *grumbles* Funky Fingers is (I'm pretty sure) only sold at Five Below? I know for sure it's sold there and haven't heard of anyone finding it anywhere else. Oh crud! XD I have to put today's art back on my phone so I can Instagram it! LOL


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