Friday, October 10, 2014

Funky Fingers: Anna

Hello, dolls! ^_^ So the 2nd coat on Moxxi's trim ended up going far quicker than the first, so I did have time to layer Anna over Blue-Jeaned. The result? Absolutely stunning!!

This is one coat of Anna. No fishing or placing. I did only end up with that one snowflake, but I got one! And, all together now, "saves more for later"! Indeed it does.

I didn't even realize until I was out taking pictures that Anna also has blue snowflakes!

Very cool. One last little pic. We took Jet out for poops while I was getting my polish pics and Aaron noticed a bird nest nestled in the tiny tree in the middle of our yard:

Bird nest! lol

I can't make any promises because I still need to jump on the bike for a bit, but hopefully I will have pics of Lola for you tomorrow. *fingers crossed* I've looked up a few swatches and everyone seems to like the sheer "squishiness", but... you guys know you won't be seeing any of that here, right? White undies for Lola. Funny story, I spent a good chunk of the day going over every collection on the Zoya website and finally managed to compile a complete wishlist, which you can peep at by clicking that link if you like. Basically snagged every polish I don't have yet minus a bunch of reds and nudes. I do have some reds and nudes, but... y'all know I can only handle so much of that. Uhm... yeah, I think that's it. Gotta go jump on the bike so I can get on doing my nails! lol Y'all take care. Hope each of you has an amazing (and safe) weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oh. My. GOD! SNOWFLAKE GLITTER!! *dies* so cute. Heheh! Your wishlist is so long *nods approvingly* just like a true polish psycho's list should be!

    1. hehehe Indeed. We want ALL THE POLISH!! @_@

    2. *voice of gollum* yesssh alllll the polish! @_@


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