Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cow Town Tattoo Invitational

We went there Saturday. LOL Got back only to realize that we had just over a week to finish our Pre-Sequel costumes so we've both been working pretty hard on that. I made some decent progress yesterday, so here I am to recount the exciting tale of Saturday!

So. *gets comfy* We met The Captain's Sideshow troupe back in July when we went to see Boobzilla at the Immersed In Ink event. Aaron constructed a 3D head out of their logo and when we found out that TCS was going to be in Ft Worth he decided that would be the perfect opportunity to deliver it. Minus the construction induced congestion a few measly miles from our destination it was a pretty easy drive. Parking was $10 which we didn't expect, but overall it was fairly easy to get to.

How did the head go over? Amazingly! Everybody loved it and he's gotten several shout-outs for it. ^_^ As soon as Aaron gave it to them, Captain just had to stick his hands in the mouse traps.

Of course after making the three hour drive we had to stay for the show! A few of the acts we had seen at Immersed, but since they wouldn't let Steph do her fire act we were treated to some new ones! Like the Human Dartboard!

Ouch! Also, Steph's Weight Test!

After the show Aaron got to dole out the tips.

On our way to the bathroom we noticed this cool car on the other side of the building:

After a bit of meandering we headed back to the TCS table in time for Aaron to help with the suspension set up!

He didn't want to screw it up. hehehe They had two people set to go up. The girl is a regular suspender, but it was the guy's first time going up!

Before heading home we had one final thing to do. Nobody has picked up on it yet (which I am finding increasingly hilarious), but what could the Captain possibly be about to do here?!


The drive back was fairly uneventful. Since then it's been Borderlands Borderlands Borderlands. I do have Tart With A Heart on now and should have that ready to post tomorrow. Hope everybody is doing well out there in internet-land. Love you guys!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Replies
    1. It was! Hopefully we can make it to the event in Oklahoma. ^_^

  2. You got a new tattoo? :o
    Also looking forward to TART WITH A HEART!!!! :OOO

    1. hehehe Naw. I almost did. There was a booth offering pink ribbon tattoos for a $25 breast cancer research donation, but we didn't have quite that much on us. :( I got my nose pierced! I'll have pics as soon as it heals. ^_^

  3. Love these posts that give me a peek at your life outside of polish!

    1. Yay! ^_^ Glad you liked it. Will have another one coming up... Tuesday or Wednesday. lol

  4. Awesome trip! Loved the head - Aaron's so talented :)

    1. He is! I sit here watching him most of the time and still have no idea how he whips them out. lol


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