Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Midnight Release!

Last night was amazing!! I started to get sleepy a little before midnight, but by the time we got home I was so jacked up again I didn't go to bed until about 3:30am. Midnight releases are always more fun when more people show up in costume (and not so many people show up overall... it can get claustrophobic).

YES! Big cast this time!

We had Aaron as Wilhelm: The Enforcer. He worked so hard on this! We couldn't get his hair exactly right (it did not want to stick straight out at all), but everything else was spot on!

He convinced our friend Nathan to dress up as Scooter for his first midnight release party. CATCH-A-RIDE!!! Aaron made the hat, but Nathan totally got into the character.

I, of course, was Moxxi. (Scooter's mom lol) I'm hanging onto this costume for future wearing. ;)

We also had Ashley as Tiny Tina (super cute, she did an amazing job on her costume!) and Amanda as an absolutely hysterical Suicidal Psycho Bandit.

Last, but certainly not least, Tracey as Handsom Jack(oline). Jack is Moxxi's boyfriend in this one. hehehe

It was an awesome night filled with costumes and candy and laughter. Nobody's costume fell apart and everyone had fun. One of the funniest parts for me was after it was over I, as Moxxi, had to help Nathan, as Scooter, jump-start his car. In the parking lot. Someone should have gotten a picture of that. LOL I do have pictures of Starry Night (which chipped maddly on my right hand, but that could have been the basecoat's fault), but for now I need to get in the shower and wash off my Moxxi face. When I get around to reviewing the Urban Decay make-up setting spray... I think it'll get five stars. lol For now I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the night:

Bandit psycho taking a selfie with Felicia Sex-o-pants. XD

Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"


  1. you guys have so much fun :) i wish we had such events here

    1. Aw I wish you did, too! ^_^ Maybe if you got enough people interested you could organize it yourself! That could be fun.

  2. Funny thing happened: I was reading your post and my husband walked behind me to the other side of the room, glanced sideways to see what I was up to, came back, took another look and asked me: "That's a polish blog, right? What's a game post doing on a polish blog?!"
    I asked him if he knew what game it was, as the title wasn't showing and all he could see was the photo of Moxxi and Jack(oline).
    Kind of insulted he told me it of course was Borderlands... I guess your costumes are pretty good :)
    (I wouldn't know myself as I've never played it... but I bought it for hubby dearest as a surprise gift just because he puts up with zillions of bottles of polish and cotton pads and remover etc.)

    1. LMAO!! What? Polish junkies can't also be video game nerds? ^_^ Or was he just surprised you were looking at something other than polish? lol Well if he likes the game half as much as the people that showed up then I'd say it's a fair trade for all of the polish and remover and such. ;)


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