Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sinful Colors: Splatter Spell & Essence: Mrs And Mr Glitter

Hello, dolls! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. ^_^

For starters, I couldn't resist trying out Sinful Colors' shredded glitter offerings. One of them, anyway. I must say, I'm pretty pleased!

This is one coat of Splatter Spell over Iced Mint Frappe and the glow polishes. Great coverage, nice glitter mix, dried quickly and no jagged edges peaking up through the topcoat!

It wasn't terribly difficult to remove either. Splatter Spell is a big ol' win for SC this Halloween!

While I was going through my phone I realized I had a picture of Mrs And Mr Glitter layered over It's About LIME tucked away in there.

Mrs And Mr Glitter has a funky mix of blue, lime green and black hex glitters. This is one coat and I did have to move the glitters around a bit for somewhat even coverage. Still, very cool. Love the colors!!

Looks like I'm not finishing the challenge this year. Even after doubling up on the prompts. Ah well. There's always next year. Think I'm going to have to contact Zoya... my last order was marked as "delivered" this past Monday and it still hasn't shown up. *sigh* Moxxi costume is coming along. Most of it is accessories at this point. Other than all that... lol Going to get some more Simming in before I end up passing out. Y'all take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely! ^_^ I just can't seem to resist it!

  2. Huh--that's not what I expected Splatter Spell to look like on the nail--it's much better than I imagined.

    I might need to hunt down Mrs and Mr Glitter just for the name. :)

    1. For being an SC shredded glitter it is pretty amazing. lol Good luck with Mrs and Mr Glitter! I got lucky finding it in the Ulta clearance bin. Don't know when they released here, but the only other place I saw it was storenvy.


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