Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pure Ice & Sinful Colors: Glow In The Dark Comparison

Hello darlings! Guess who couldn't stop herself from picking up even more glow in the dark polishes when she saw them? *looks around innocently* Yeah, that would be me.

Holly asked, very sweetly, if I would kindly review these asap and y'all know I can't resist a pretty face. Especially such a polite one. So...

I layered two coats of the glow polishes (in the order indicated) over two coats of essence Iced Mint Frappe. Finished off with topcoat. It will likely surprise no one that these two polishes are, for all practical (and likely actual) purposes, identical. Really good formula, though. Applied evenly, dried fairly quickly despite so many layers. So how do they glow?

Amazingly! Of course the bottles are always impressive looking. The real test is on the nails.

The first photo was taken with my phone:

The second with my camera:

This matters because *dons techno-geek hat* to compensate for the lack of flash my camera leaves the shutter wide open for several seconds in an attempt to gather up every last speck of light. My phone just focuses on whatever smidge of light is available and then takes the picture. In reality our eyes work somewhere between the two. We can focus longer on the available light and see it better, but the effect doesn't compound - making it look brighter than it actually is. So, that said, the actual glow effect for these two polishes lies somewhere in between the two depicted brightnesses. *phew*

Unless you're a crazy polish addict polish collector, you really don't need both. Revlon owns both SC and PI so it very likely these are the exact same polish in two different bottles. Only difference is that for the moment Walgreens has SC on sale 2/$3 making them 50cents cheaper. Speaking of Walgreens having Sinful Colors on sale...

They also have Halloween polishes available. ^_^ I got Glow In The Dark (obviously), Starry Night (which I don't think is Halloween specific), Splatter Spell and Cauldron Couture. You know I can't resist shredded glitters... even after the Green Ocean fiasco... Still, I'm willing to give SC another shot in that department.

Making steady progress on our Pre-Sequel costumes. Really can't wait to be done with them, though. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I'll... try to pop in tomorrow, but I can't make any promises. lol Y'all take care!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I have a essence glow in the dark top coat to test out, can't wait :)

    1. Oh! That's a good one! ^_^ You're going to love it!

  2. I have the Sinful but want the PI, too. Of course I do. Didn't see it last time I was at WM, though--probably just as well.

    1. lol Of course! The collector's bane. Have they put up the new PI displays? The one I found had... five or so?

    2. The store I was at most recently had pretty much no displays up, just a Sinful one that was stocked with random bottles.

    3. GYAH! *boo* Hope you can find it!


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