Friday, September 12, 2014

Maybelline: Lime Accent

Either everyone has gotten blog-lazy or blogger isn't loading up my entire reading list again. -_- I'm not intentionally ignoring anybody. I'll read your posts as soon as I see them!

So, I mentioned that the neon frisbees had me in a mood for something bright. Well, here it is!

Three fast-drying coats of Lime Accent. Do I even have to mention how much I love this color? hehehehe

All neons should be this well-behaved. I don't mind doing three coats if it means no white undies and it dries so quickly. ^_^

Not much else to say so I'll share this pic of the company I had while getting the pictures:

Meet Mama Grunk. She's not blind, she just looks like that... It's interesting that between the two strays we have outside, she looks the meanest, but is actually super friendly. The other one looks nice enough... until he starts hissing for no apparent reason. >_> Cats... *pfft*

I'm currently in the process of trying to dye the coat for Moxxie. *fingers crossed* OH! And tomorrow is the Butter London 2/$15 at Ulta. Sorry! I forgot. I probably won't be taking the secondary trip to Temple, but I'll at least be checking the one here to see if anything catches my eye... which it probably will... lol Hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. :o That's one creepy picture of the cat

    1. hehehe You should see her try to meow! XD She looks like she's trying SO hard and barely a squeek comes out. LOL


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