Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Decluttering Update #6

Wow you guys... I haven't done one of these since June! lol I suck so bad!! I do, finally, have a compilation of items I've managed to use up so let's get to it!

Starting with this Avon hand cream sent to me by the ever darling Amy. I loved this!! So creamy, smelled amazing, absorbed quickly. Not greasy. I honestly can not say enough good things about this hand cream. Very sad to see it gone.

Suave anti-breakage shampoo and smoothing conditioner. I bought them together and by some extreme hair care miracle finished them together! That never happens. I didn't notice any appreciable improvement in my hair, but I'm pretty sure I bleached it at some point? I don't remember. lol Hair stuff is always vague for me because of what I put it through.

Neutrogena Power-clear scrub. I had such a love-hate relationship with this. I loved the scrub, lather, and zit control... I hated the "cooling" cucumber-mint thing it has going on. OMG There's "cooling" and then there's "freezing 'til it burns". It kinda burned. That said, I haven't picked up a new face scrub and I'm kinda missing this one. lol

Gin sent this one! ^_^ I loved it. Very moisturizing and smelled amazing. Also, I generally fly through lip balms and this one lasted for a good long while. That's always a bonus!

I got a ton of Dial Acne Control samples through BzzAgent (not a referral link, if you want a referral apparently I need your email address, but you can sign up without one if you want) and finally used them up. If you've seen me around facebook or twitter or instagram you know how much I loved this stuff. Biggest gripe? It doesn't exfoliate. :p Personal gripe. lol

And.... it looks like that's it. I was working on a perfume sample, but I can't seem to find it... *shrugs* Tomorrow I should have swatches of Cauldron Couture so come on back for that. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. Y'all take care, be safe and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"


  1. any progress is progress, good job finishing things up especially a lip balm! :)

    1. Thanks! I guess I'm just impatient waiting for it to look like it's making a difference. lol

  2. When you do these posts, I always think "I should do that", then almost immediately forget. :) I used up a conditioner this week--some bottle I bought on clearance at Sally's from a line of hair extension care products; Mr. K saw it in the recycling and wondered if I had something to tell him since he didn't think I had extensions (I don't).

    1. LOL That's hilarious! I would love to see what other products you go through!


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