Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zoya: Arabella

I know, MIA yesterday. I did try to get video of My Private Rainbow over my previous mani, but the sparkle didn't show up so I just skipped it.

Today I have the lovely (traditional) PixieDust in Arabella!

Two coats, fast dry time, sort of a "wet" jellyish finish on this one. Beautiful pinky-purple color. I wasn't sure I'd like this one because it's so far into the red family, but it's a lot prettier on the nail than I anticipated.

Gorgeous. And it gives me a little hope for the handful of orange ones I still have to get. lol

Now for the moment I'm sure none of us thought we would live to see.... I only have one untried left. O_O One. Peace. *sigh* The downside to financial responsibility. LOL It's a pretty one, though! Then I think I'll use Way Back Wednesday as a starting point for another layering... I forget what I called it... You know, where I add a layer a day until I'm done or run out of stuff or it's not drying anymore. :p That thing. Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm going to get back to my Sims. Less than a month until 4 and I'm freaking out over how much I still want to do on 3... (^_^)"/"


  1. This one looks kinda crinkly like foil, I like hehe

    1. Does it? It doesn't as much in real life. More like crinkly jelly. lol Either way, glad you like it! ^_^

  2. Added to my Zoya wishlist! Just gorgeous!!! @-@


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