Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pics & Haul

Hello, darlings! I probably could have gotten this up earlier, but my morning was pretty busy. Had to take my mom out to pick up her van, while I was out I decided to take my car in for an oil change. As a reward for my being so responsible (under 2000 miles late this time LOL) and since I was in the area... I decided to treat myself to an Ulta visit.

I got China Glaze Party Fowl and Flock Together for $4.97/each; which is comparable to what I would have spent on amazon. Even though I always have problems with Piggy Polish I couldn't resist It's About LIME for $0.99. Essence-wise I got Mrs And Mr Glitter for $0.97 which is way less than I would have spent on Storenvy and Blue-Jeaned and Laser Show were full price at $2.99. They have a few other 'effect' polishes I may go back for. hehehehe

I had to re-straighten my hair since I sweated a bit last night, but it was a far quicker process than straightening from scratch. Since I said I would (and I have had my neopet profile pic for a while) I threw on some makeup and decided to play with my iPhone's handy dandy selfie cam! First my new fb profile pic:

Here's an out of focus (almost dropped my phone and hit the button before the auto-focus could engage) pic of my hair from the back. Only a few weeks faded. :p

Since I could see the sun glare in my screen I was able to set up this "look at me leaning on the sun glare" pic:

And then playing up close with the glare:

LOL Love my selfie cam!!! Only had to delete 1/3 of them as unusable instead of 9/10. That's progress, yo. Oooh, and I just figured out how to transfer photos from my computer to my phone! More progress. lol

I have no idea which of my new lovelies I'm going to wear next. *frets* lol If there is one you'd like to see, feel free to let me know! OH! Almost forgot! While I was at Ulta I caught the sign for the upcoming 21 Days of Beauty Steals and they are going to do Butter London again! *squee* I... forget the actual date and it didn't say specifically 2/$15, but... I will let you know as soon as they throw the calendar up on the site. Time for me to go feed everybody. Hope y'all are well and enjoying your week! (^_^)"/"


  1. My first trip to Ulta, this past Tuesday, I got 4 Piggie Polishes. 3 rang up at 49c!! And a couple other clearance polishes marked at $1.97 rang up at 99c! Was a good trip!

    1. Awesome!!! (^_^)/"\(^_^) Love it when that happens!


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