Friday, August 29, 2014

Nubbin Stamping & Cam App Fun

Yep, actually managed to get some stamping in. lol It went so smoothly and quickly that I actually found myself enjoying the process! Much more so than when it's a struggle.

How cool is that? *squee* I used essence Free Hugs and Bundle Monster plate BM-221:

I've wanted to use this design for a while, but as you can see it barely fit as short as my nails are. Trying to use it on full-length... no. *sigh* Looks great on the nubbies, though!

I realized I have a new bps plate sitting around that I hadn't even opened yet so I may do a little something more with this before taking it off.

App fun! lol Last night I was looking around for different camera effect apps and found the MegaPhoto app which has nearly 100 different effects for free. I'm seriously considering paying the $3 to unlock the rest.

Pretty cool, huh? lol

Okay, so you know that stamping technique where you leave the image on the stamper and color it in, clear coat, peel it off and use it like a polish strip? You know, that thing. Well, I gave it a shot last night and almost nailed it:

I could maybe still use it on my pinkie... While I was working on that I also noticed something a little disturbing...

I'm nearing the end of my bottle of Onyx Rush. This disturbs me. Not so much because it's a great color (although it does stamp really well), but I don't plan to repurchase it and I still haven't decided where that leaves me as far as its place on my Collection Page... or my spreadsheet for that matter! O_O Oy... Would it be terribly off-putting if I edited the collection page image with a big, red X going through ones I use up and don't replace? lol

That's it for now, I think. Had pizza buffet for lunch and I really need to cool myself off so I can get on the bike later. *blah* I knew it was a bad idea when it came out of my mouth. lol Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I should be back tomorrow with some more stamping. (^_^)"/"

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