Monday, August 25, 2014

Maybelline: Bleached In Peach +Plus

Hello, darlings. I'm alive and I'm back. lol Was a busy week with my dad home. We even had to replace the clothes dryer. First interesting bit I'm sure you'll notice off the bat as I share with you Bleached In Peach:

Yep... I nubbined myself... Mostly on accident. I spent a good hour filing them regular and then between the dryer and several other chores I just had too many side-breaks and everything looked too wonky so I just took the clippers and cut them all down. Let 'em start fresh and all that jazz.

Bleached In Peach is a pretty peachy color. Two coats for opacity, dried pretty quickly as well. Only real issue I had was that it dried quickly so I had to apply quickly, but overall it's a pretty good polish.

I ran to Walmart to see about a Salon Perfect for gin and ended up grabbing two for myself:

Ruby's Cubes and Spot On. There was a pastel version of Spot On, but someone grabbed it. :( I do have something snazzy planned for Ruby's Cubes for tomorrow, though. ^_^ That's gonna be fun.

Bad news: my laptop finally died. *sigh* So I closed it up, attached the keyboard to my tablet and have been using that.

I feel kind of naked without the laptop, but... as bad as it kept overheating it wasn't doing me a lot of good anyway... *sigh*

Going to try again for hair pics tomorrow. In the meantime here's a little preview I captured when I realized a range cat was sneaking up behind me:

Silly kitty.

Time to remove Bleached In Peach so I can jump in the shower. Cut my finger changing out a shower knob so it's gonna burn. Wish me luck! lol Hope everyone has a fantastic week. Y'all take care out there!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I now officially want YOUR nails...
    When I have to cut my nails, I end up with baby sized thingies at the ends of my fingers.
    They're not even big enough to be considered toddler size... :(

  2. Love that color, great for summer! I am hoping my Walmart will get those SP polishes soon :) your kitty is soooo cute!!!!

    1. Keep looking! I don't know if it's relevant, but my Walmart just totally re-arranged their cosmetics section. I haven't checked any of the others yet, but perhaps I should... >_>


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