Friday, August 8, 2014

Layering Fun #3

Helloooooo everybody! Happy Friday! lol Today we're finally getting into the color! I know, exciting, right? While I was digging for Snow Me White I first grabbed Neon Melon and thought, "hey, this is a pretty amazeballs neon! Let's work this in there." So I did!

I absolutely love this, and here's why: As a jelly Neon Melon dried in just the perfect way to maintain the integrity of Snow One Like You while still softening the lines a little bit. This gives the overall appearance of those super awesome phosphorescent rocks people sometimes find in caves.

Wicked awesome hardcore rock-like mani. There is one little problem I've noticed, though...

Took that with my new phone (which I'll get to in a second) and you can see where the color is starting to rub off of the bumps a bit. I think I'm going to try to gingerly patch that before going on to Layer #4 which, if it turns out half as cool as my swatch test, should be something to behold. ;)

Finally got to upgrade my phone. Out of all of the available free upgrades we finally settled on the iPhone 4S. My first iPhone. It's... okay... lol Love the camera. The point I wanted to cover is this: After a day of using it and all of it's internet connectivity I can assure you that I will not be among the bloggers that drops everything and converts to full-Instagram "blogging". I just... can't. Even after a few hours I feel like I'm so behind on everyone's pictures it's... kinda silly. I can't even make myself Twitter unless someone provides a link for me to auto-tweet. lol I can see how it might be easier if you don't really like typing and just want to share pictures and you're fiddling with your phone all the time anyway. I'm just not one of those people. I like sitting here with my massive monitor and using the touch-typing skills I worked so hard to learn on my full-size keyboard. That part of it is often more therapeutic than the getting stuff out part. So... yeah. I'll likely be here forever. Even when keyboards and PCs are as archaic as those old ka-CHUNK typewriters are now. lol

I think that's it. Wish me luck. It's the tax-free weekend here in Texas and I am not looking forward to facing the masses... Have a great weekend! (^_^)"/" lol


  1. Love the way that looks! I need to see if I have Neon Melon in my stash, if not I need to go out and track it down LOL I upgraded to an iPhone 5C earlier this year, love it. Very impressed with the quality of the pictures I take with it.

    1. OOoooh I hope you have it! Seriously the brightest neon yellow I've found so far. :D

      Nice! I would have liked something a little more up to date, but... free is free lol


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