Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brak Day Shopping At Kohl's

It's that time again! The time of year where Brak and I go clothes shopping for her Back To School. It's tradition. ^_^ I got a couple of things, too, but I'll save those for last. First up, my 80's style "trying on clothes" montage!

The shirt is mine. lol The overalls were super comfortable and I love the girl-cut around the waist, but... $60... *boo* Also the stupid faded circle trying to make me look knocked-up. WTF is up with that?!

I grabbed a bunch of dresses. Mostly for nostalgia because they had a lot that were similar to ones I used to wear in high school.

As long as this one was (dragging the floor) I still would have needed a bigger size up top. >_>

Ditto with this one. The top... so ill-fitting you'd thing they had never heard of boobs.

This. OMG The dress fit okay, but the shirt! So comfortable!! Light and airy and a make-me-cry $40.

hehehe I saw the shirt first then grabbed the skirt and this was the most comfortable outfit ever. Doesn't quite match, but it was like daytime pajamas.

Had to try this $60 J-Lo top. It's supposed to have open shoulders, but you couldn't even tell with my arms down. I took the picture like this because I'm pretty sure I can make one myself for much cheaper.

For under this shirt I grabbed a little black tank. If you ever feel bad about yourself just grab a little black tank and some good-fitting jeans. ^_^

Not bad for 160lbs, huh?

Now for what I did buy! I did buy the gorgeous chartreuse shirt in the background, but apparently forgot to get pics. I also grabbed a top similar to this (one size bigger and a little greener) and the mermaid-leg leggings!

I grabbed them kind of assuming they were going to look stupid, but who can resist mermaid legs? Not me, obviously.

I'll need to find a top long and loose enough if I want to wear them out of the house, but I'm perfectly okay being a mermaid at home.

I think next year we'll trek to Austin again to take advantage of the unattended dressing rooms in the big Macy's so we can try on super expensive dresses. By that time I should have a new phone with a camera whose shutter-noise I can turn off. >_< Stupid Japanese pervert-resistant phone... How am I supposed to take pictures of myself in $1000 dresses when my phone goes CLICK!!! every time?

So *ahem* Yeah. That's it. If you couldn't tell I didn't end up stamping last night. Tomorrow is Way Back Wednesday and the beginning of another layering adventure and I already have a pretty solid idea for how I'm going to start... No idea where it's going to go past the first few days, but it's a start. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take care and happy polishing! (^_^)"/" Or shopping. Whatever you're doing with your time. lol


  1. well look at you, you sexy thing :P

    1. Actually, to be honest, a lot of that is posture. Learned a lot about sexy-lady posture from Ru Paul's Drag Race. XD

  2. i <3 mermaid legs! looking forward to next year's silly dress expedition. :D

    1. Yes! Adventure in the name of bad fashion! (^_^)/"\(^_^)

  3. Ok I tried to post earlier but I'm not sure it worked. Then I posted the Ru Paul comment and noticed I was signed in to the wrong email. Sigh. So what I said last time was...looking sexy in that mermaid outfit!

    1. I've been having problems with my first reply not posting. >_< I try to remember to copy so I can just paste, but... >_> I often forget. lol

  4. Lolz, not surprised you bought a GREEN shirt!
    I actually like the black tank top look, shows off the curvess

    1. Aw *blushes* Thanks! hehehe Brak said she's pretty sure they make those shirts just for me. ^_^ lol


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