Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stampy Stuff, Nail Mail & Challenge?

Hello, everyone! Trying really hard to not let my laziness get the best of me. lol I did do a bit of stamping, but managed to smear it so it's not looking the absolute best, but... it's still cute.

Born Pretty Store plate W-23 is, sadly, "no longer available". I don't know if that means "discontinued" or "out of stock", but I'll keep checking as I need more pictures from this plate anyway. If you look in the plate's reflection (or if you're on my facebook) you can see that our iPhone cases came in!

Aaron said mine looks like it belongs to a 6-year-old... *grumbles* Poo on him, I like it. lol As far as the nail mail:

I got Butter London Tart With A Heart and ILNP My Little Glacier from Polish Occult on storenvy for, like, $15 all together. I was supposed to get one of those Nails Inc sweet shoppe glitters, but it was all dried out so she refunded the money. I could have added thinner, but I guess when you're selling it's better to err on the safe side.

The fabulous Jayna from The Sequined Nail is doing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge through Chalkboard Nails. Here's the rundown:

I think I will, too. I will say it's a bit weird to have a 31 day challenge in a month with only 30 days (which she admits as well) and since I have been more busy than usual I will probably double up a few of them. I looked at some of her past posts and I guess it's supposed to be done in order, but... I think I'm just going to use it like a checklist and jump around. Y'all don't care, right? Good. ^_^ lol

Time to remove this old polish, pick a polish theme and make dinner. MMMmmm enchiladas. hehehe Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nubbin Stamping & Cam App Fun

Yep, actually managed to get some stamping in. lol It went so smoothly and quickly that I actually found myself enjoying the process! Much more so than when it's a struggle.

How cool is that? *squee* I used essence Free Hugs and Bundle Monster plate BM-221:

I've wanted to use this design for a while, but as you can see it barely fit as short as my nails are. Trying to use it on full-length... no. *sigh* Looks great on the nubbies, though!

I realized I have a new bps plate sitting around that I hadn't even opened yet so I may do a little something more with this before taking it off.

App fun! lol Last night I was looking around for different camera effect apps and found the MegaPhoto app which has nearly 100 different effects for free. I'm seriously considering paying the $3 to unlock the rest.

Pretty cool, huh? lol

Okay, so you know that stamping technique where you leave the image on the stamper and color it in, clear coat, peel it off and use it like a polish strip? You know, that thing. Well, I gave it a shot last night and almost nailed it:

I could maybe still use it on my pinkie... While I was working on that I also noticed something a little disturbing...

I'm nearing the end of my bottle of Onyx Rush. This disturbs me. Not so much because it's a great color (although it does stamp really well), but I don't plan to repurchase it and I still haven't decided where that leaves me as far as its place on my Collection Page... or my spreadsheet for that matter! O_O Oy... Would it be terribly off-putting if I edited the collection page image with a big, red X going through ones I use up and don't replace? lol

That's it for now, I think. Had pizza buffet for lunch and I really need to cool myself off so I can get on the bike later. *blah* I knew it was a bad idea when it came out of my mouth. lol Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I should be back tomorrow with some more stamping. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Essence: Laser Show

Hello, all. (^_^)"/" Today's mani was just full of surprises. I layered Laser Show over Julep Annette... did you know Annette was a single coater? I didn't. It also made a nice neturalish base for Laser Show:

First pic you can see the sun blasting through the iridescent shimmers; second pic shows more what it looks like normal:

Laser Show is super cute with the smattering of little black dots. I bet it would look even better over a pale pink. Here's a close-up where you can see the pink and blue-green shimmers a little better:

Also tried to capture them from the bottle in my room:

They'd probably show real well over a black base, but... that would kinda defeat the black glitters. Perhaps a pink and black water marble or gradient... hrm...

Thinking I might try some stamping over this tonight. I really want to do some while my nails are short enough for the full-nail designs. *sigh* For now I'm going to jump on the bike and hopefully wake myself up a bit before dinner. Y'all take care out there, and remember: don't feed the trolls. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pics & Haul

Hello, darlings! I probably could have gotten this up earlier, but my morning was pretty busy. Had to take my mom out to pick up her van, while I was out I decided to take my car in for an oil change. As a reward for my being so responsible (under 2000 miles late this time LOL) and since I was in the area... I decided to treat myself to an Ulta visit.

I got China Glaze Party Fowl and Flock Together for $4.97/each; which is comparable to what I would have spent on amazon. Even though I always have problems with Piggy Polish I couldn't resist It's About LIME for $0.99. Essence-wise I got Mrs And Mr Glitter for $0.97 which is way less than I would have spent on Storenvy and Blue-Jeaned and Laser Show were full price at $2.99. They have a few other 'effect' polishes I may go back for. hehehehe

I had to re-straighten my hair since I sweated a bit last night, but it was a far quicker process than straightening from scratch. Since I said I would (and I have had my neopet profile pic for a while) I threw on some makeup and decided to play with my iPhone's handy dandy selfie cam! First my new fb profile pic:

Here's an out of focus (almost dropped my phone and hit the button before the auto-focus could engage) pic of my hair from the back. Only a few weeks faded. :p

Since I could see the sun glare in my screen I was able to set up this "look at me leaning on the sun glare" pic:

And then playing up close with the glare:

LOL Love my selfie cam!!! Only had to delete 1/3 of them as unusable instead of 9/10. That's progress, yo. Oooh, and I just figured out how to transfer photos from my computer to my phone! More progress. lol

I have no idea which of my new lovelies I'm going to wear next. *frets* lol If there is one you'd like to see, feel free to let me know! OH! Almost forgot! While I was at Ulta I caught the sign for the upcoming 21 Days of Beauty Steals and they are going to do Butter London again! *squee* I... forget the actual date and it didn't say specifically 2/$15, but... I will let you know as soon as they throw the calendar up on the site. Time for me to go feed everybody. Hope y'all are well and enjoying your week! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rubix Cube With Salon Perfect: Ruby's Cubes

Hello, lovelies!! I've missed you guys. ^_^ This is going to be kind of a long, picture-heavy post; so I hope you're comfortable.

When I first saw Ruby's Cubes I knew I wanted to do a whole Rubix Cube theme mani to go with it. I mean... it's totally obvious, right? The problem was finding plain creams in my collection for all of the colors. After a bit of swatch-searching and a lot of digging I finally put together something I'm happy with.

I waffled back and forth on whether or not to do the "cube" grids and eventually decided to go for it. The colors I used (left to right and top to bottom) are: Finger Paints Black Expressionism as the black base for Salon Perfect's Ruby's Cubes, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Catrice Miss Piggy's BF, essence Happy, Finger Paints Expressionist Red, essence Walk On Air, essence Hello Summer! and Orly Jet Black for the stripes/grid.

Ruby's Cubes is absolutely adorable and straight packed with glitter. This is just one coat!

And the customary bottle shot:

Since I've got all different colors all over the place I tried to do a full-mani pic, but... the battery on my regular cam (the one with the timer) was near death when I started and died while I was trying to find the right pose/distance... still I did get this great pic of my re-discovered waist!

About 24lbs down, about 10lbs left to go. ^_^

I did straighten my hair today so I should be able to convince myself to throw on some makeup for pics tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! (^_^)"/"

Monday, August 25, 2014

Maybelline: Bleached In Peach +Plus

Hello, darlings. I'm alive and I'm back. lol Was a busy week with my dad home. We even had to replace the clothes dryer. First interesting bit I'm sure you'll notice off the bat as I share with you Bleached In Peach:

Yep... I nubbined myself... Mostly on accident. I spent a good hour filing them regular and then between the dryer and several other chores I just had too many side-breaks and everything looked too wonky so I just took the clippers and cut them all down. Let 'em start fresh and all that jazz.

Bleached In Peach is a pretty peachy color. Two coats for opacity, dried pretty quickly as well. Only real issue I had was that it dried quickly so I had to apply quickly, but overall it's a pretty good polish.

I ran to Walmart to see about a Salon Perfect for gin and ended up grabbing two for myself:

Ruby's Cubes and Spot On. There was a pastel version of Spot On, but someone grabbed it. :( I do have something snazzy planned for Ruby's Cubes for tomorrow, though. ^_^ That's gonna be fun.

Bad news: my laptop finally died. *sigh* So I closed it up, attached the keyboard to my tablet and have been using that.

I feel kind of naked without the laptop, but... as bad as it kept overheating it wasn't doing me a lot of good anyway... *sigh*

Going to try again for hair pics tomorrow. In the meantime here's a little preview I captured when I realized a range cat was sneaking up behind me:

Silly kitty.

Time to remove Bleached In Peach so I can jump in the shower. Cut my finger changing out a shower knob so it's gonna burn. Wish me luck! lol Hope everyone has a fantastic week. Y'all take care out there!! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zebra Stripes

So Norma and I were talking polish last night. Again. ^_^ After a series of back and forth she had the genius idea to do zebra stripes over Citrus Collide. After working over particulars and digging through my nail art tub I settled on the Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black; because that was the first one I found. lol

Funny story: I started painting my right hand and got to my index finger before deciding to ask myself "Is this what zebra stripes look like?" XD Can you tell?

I'm actually really digging this. It was a lot of fun to do and the black stripes break up the yellow enough to make it very wearable. Great idea, Norma!!

So I just realized that I'm still using my neopet as my profile pic on facebook, so... I'm going to try really hard to wake up early tomorrow and make myself straighten my hair for pics. Or, at the very least, throw some makeup on. lol Hope everyone's having a great week. Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maybelline: Citrus Collide

Hello!!! (^_^)"/" I'm here. lol So I decided on Citrus Collide first because it's yellow and I like to get yellows "out of the way" in case I hate them... which I usually do. Good news! I don't hate Citrus Collide! I don't love it like Norma does, but she's not crazy. (well, no more than any of us... about polish... LOL) As soon as you see Citrus Collide you can tell it's one of those colors that would look way better on darker skin tones.

I don't hate it, though. It's not in-your-face yellow and just bright enough to be interesting. This is two quick-drying coats (surprisingly quick for a cream) and NO UNDIES! Yep, totally opaque in two coats. That alone is worth the $1.50 I paid for it. ;)

Took this one in the car. It's one of those neons that shows brighter in lower lights. I tried to get a picture in the dark with flash, but... apparently my phone didn't like me doing that... lol Norma has requested black zebra stripes over this and I agree. I'm pretty sure I have a zebra-stripe stamp, but... I'm feeling like it would be easier to freehand. Hopefully I can focus long enough to do that. lol

I can not even begin to explain why, but I've been tooling around on Neopets, like, a lot lately. I think the new plot has me hooked because it's set up like the logic puzzles my old TAG teacher had us do from time to time. Last night I spent three hours updating my Plushie Gallery (which still needs a little work) and my NC Mall Album. lol Now I'm going through my Stamp Album to see if there are any affordable ones I'm missing. I can't believe I started on that site 9 years ago! *dies* Okay, I'm rambling. Hope everyone is having a great week!! (^_^)"/"

Monday, August 18, 2014


...finally. I know, I know. See, so Aaron left last night to hang out with his friend and so I ended up playing Borderlands 2 from about 7pm to 1am and then again from 9am to 2pm when he got back... I did manage to find time during loading screens to do the stamping, though!

That is China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure stamped over Illamasqua Radium with Born Pretty Store Plate QA88. My... right hand didn't turn out quite as good...

Charmed, I'm Sure was drying faster than I'm used to and my poor left hand was just a bit too slow to get the images to fully transfer. It's... going to work on that...

Still haven't quite felt like straightening my hair. It's just so hot... I think tomorrow I'm going to try out Citrus Collide. I seem to recall Norma raving about it. Hopefully it's not one of those things that looks crappy on my pasty white fingers. LOL *ahem* So, yes, I'm going to go ahead and do that and then pop me up some corn for Under The Dome. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and that your week is off to a great start! Take care of yourselves out there. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Radium Revisited +Mini Haul

Hello darlings! My dad actually got in early for his vacation so I didn't get quite the break I was hoping for, but in this case I'm totally okay with it. On the bright (HA!) side I did get some sun for Radium!!

Love, love, love this color even though I don't think it loves me back... Waited almost two hours for bed and still had to go over my sheet/hair marks in the morning. *sigh* Why, Radium? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!?! .....>_> Still want to stamp over it, but since my nails have gotten long again I think I'm either going to have to pick some small images or go back to that full-plate plate. We'll see. ^_^

Good news! I did a survey through this scanner thingy and they were all "we'll pay you $5" and I was all "okay" thinking they'd either send a check or credit it to my account... *pfft* They sent a $5 bill in the mail. XD So I treated myself!

I got Bleached In Peach, Citrus Collide and Lime Accent all on sale! Bleached In Peach and Lime Accent were $2.97 each and Citrus Collide was only $1.49!! Woohoo!! I know I missed a couple of colors, but... I'm okay with it. Maybe I'll catch them on sale elsewhere.

Uhm... I think that's it. I won't say "come back tomorrow" because I have no idea what's going to happen. lol I've been working on a farmer/rancher Sim so maybe I'll do that. Maybe I'll have stamping. Maybe I'll be too busy? Who knows?! *shrugs* Not me. Either way I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Be safe, stay cool and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pink & Purple Funky French

Yeah, I know, I've been kind of sporadic lately. I'm still here, just a bit lazy from how busy I've been. If that makes sense. Just thought I'd drop by with a picture of my funky french featuring Pinkie Pink and Metallic Fuschia.

Yeah, no stamping cuz that didn't work out so well.

Ran low on remover, but I'll pick some up today. Going to try the stamping with Metallic Fuschia over Radium. That should be pretty cool, huh? lol Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Y'all take care and be safe! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Creations (+plus)

Okay, so the stamping didn't turn out anywhere near good... the only upside was that I managed to get the french tip stamping more or less straight, but... they didn't all stamp cleanly and the design itself made everything really hard to see, so... oh look! Bethany found the link for the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim demo!! Thanks, Bethany!! :D

So, when the Sims people announced that they were going to replace the sliders with a drag-and-pull creation system my first question was "just how deformed can I make my Sims?". The answer is: Not quite as deformed as I was hoping, but still pretty freaky.

This guy wants to be super popular.

This is when I figured out I could change their iris size. Ultimately I went much bigger:

Because she's a glutton and her eyes are bigger than her stomach. Get it?

She's an evil money grubber. Kinda came out looking like a young Cruella DeVille...

Then I discovered the blue and green skintones and decided to make her all angular.

After that Aaron was all "you should make me and use it as my contact picture in your phone" so I tried...

I think Brak would do much better making Sims that look like people. I've never had the patience. lol

That's sort-of me. I did dye my hair purple last night (albeit much darker) I just haven't felt like straightening it yet for pictures.

I also found where they included the different walking styles. I tried to mute the background noise because Aaron was watching some obnoxious food program on tv, but I'm not sure if that worked, so... yeah. If you hear noise, that's what it is.

I can already tell I am going to love this game!! One of the hardest things in Sims has always been making them seem like they have different personalities. From the gameplay videos I've seen they really seem to have taken care of that. After fiddling with the Create-A-Sim demo I now know that I can have Sims that look drastically different from each other, too. I can not wait for September 2nd!!

In non-Sims news: The last time I went to re-admit my neopets into the neolodge I noticed they have an event going on. So I spent a bit more time around the site than usual... which eventually led me to researching how much the plushie paint brushes are going for and...

Finally snagged one! *squee* I know it ultimately means nothing in a massive world of digital nothings, but I'm still glad to have accomplished that long-standing goal.

I'll try to get pictures of my hair tomorrow. Whether I do or not I'll get pictures of my updated mani. It's not as fancy as I was going for, but still pretty. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly. Y'all take care and I'll see you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"