Friday, July 25, 2014

Zoya: Vega +Plus

Hello, everybody! *FLAILS* First I would like to direct your attention away from myself for a moment and towards the Swatch & Learn 4th Blogiversary Giveaway!! How would you like to win the entire OPI Nordic Collection? I know I would! So go enter!!

Second, my awful procrastination is nearing a... not an end, but an end as far as putting off going to the post office. >_> I forgot to grab some newspapers to pack with yesterday, but I remembered today! SO! Uhm... I plan on drinking pretty heavily tonight (Shut up! It's been a long week...) so I will definitely, absolutely, no question get to the post office first thing Monday morning.

Third, the polish! I did remember and used one coat of Lumin-icecent as a base. If I could have also remembered to pay attention and gotten full swipes with Vega one coat of that would have been amazing. But I didn't, so two coats it was.

This reminds me a lot of Pop The Bubbles. Except chunkier. I applied this last night and normally I'll always say (at least in my head), "OMG don't be such a baby, the texture isn't enough to snag on anything", but... these ones do. Hair, fabric... fabric... hair... It's not wretched and I didn't destroy my satin (fancy lol) pillow case, but I did notice it and I have had to pick off bits of hair and fabric from my nails.

Still, two coats was less offensive than three, and I really think that just the one would have been amazing, but... what can I say? I'm a spaz. Here's another close-up in the shade:

I don't know if I'm going to feel like doing my nails tonight. I'll try to get it done before we get this partay started. lol If so then you can look forward to ILNP What The Funk for tomorrow. Was going to be Wanna Say Hello, but... I decided to push that one back. Today really is trying to get away from me. Time to go feed my mother and the cats and jump back on the bike. *sigh* Those straw-ber-ritas are just packed with calories.... Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Have fun, be safe and (one way or another) I'll see you tomorrow!! (^_^)"/"


  1. This one is too chunky and scale-y for my comfort level :p

    1. Totally understandable. It does look a bit scaly, doesn't it? >_>


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