Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vibrant Temporary Color For Dark Hair (No Bleach!)

Yeah, I had no idea what to title this. Guess that's overly descriptive for something I've already lightly covered, but perhaps it will help bring it up in a search engine for someone who's not a loyal reader (yet). lol Gather 'round ladies (and gents?), especially those of you frustrated with trying to temp color dark hair without resorting to bleach. Hair chalk is seeing a major boon lately, but if you check out Jasmine's review of the Splat version, it carries it's own frustrations for those of us with darker tresses. It's cute, but nowhere near as vibrant as the box image. Shortly after Jasmine posted her review Norma found this slideshow detailing how to use eye shadow. Of course I had to try it myself, after which I received a litany (how do ya like that word, eh? LOL) of questions. So, being the people pleaser that I am, I decided to make a post out of it.

To start I picked up two brand new eye shadows so we can see how much is used really.

Essence Wild At Heart and John Lemon. Why not? Started with freshly straightened hair which I think did make a difference as far as my hair grabbing onto the color. I had to use a few more swipes and it's begun fading much quicker.

Then I put my glasses back on so I could see what I was doing.... and separated out a section for coloration.

This next picture got washed out by the flash, but it's fairly common sense. Hold the eye shadow (if you can pop out the silver pot part it's likely easier to use just that, but I'm terrified I'll break something with my man-hands) flat against your hair, using your thumb on the other side to press your hair into the shadow and drag it down the length of your hair.

For the yellow, depending on the length I was trying to cover, this vibrancy took between 8 and 15 swipes.

I did about five streaks with the yellow; then took the blue and did the tips of my bangs, the underside of my hair and the tips towards the front. The darker blue took fewer swipes for full color than the yellow.

So how much eye shadow did this kickass look cost in all? Not a lot. I didn't even hit pan on the yellow, and you can still see the etched design along the outside of the blue. Still plenty available for traditional use.

If you like you can set the color for longer wear with hair spray or makeup setting spray. I don't have hair spray, but I do have this little sample of Urban Decay's makeup setting spray so I used that.

Here's how the color looks out in the sun:

Looks like it's time to trim my bangs again...

Two little bits of advice if you're going to try this out. First, your hands will get messy. You can wear gloves or just wash them when you're done.

Also, while you're applying the shadow to your hair... all the dust that doesn't stick to the hair will fall on you... and your counter. I recommend a towel or something to avoid this "coal miner" look I got going on:

LOL Loads of fun.

So, what do you think? Is this something you'd try? What colors would you use? I wanna see pictures!!! It really is a lot of fun and a great use if you have any super gaudy or nearly expired eye shadows taking up space.

So that's that. Tomorrow is Way Back Wednesday and then Thursday I'm coming at ya with a twofer. Knockin' 'em down. Hope everyone is having a great week. See you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"


  1. OOH I didn't know Jasmine had just done a review on hair chalk. I'll have to read it :) So glad you loved this idea :D

    1. :p It wasn't much of a review, just a paragraph haha

    2. It was a very helpful review, imo. I like to know when not to waste my money. ;)

  2. nah, your bangs don't need a trim- they're the perfect length to use for eye shadow brushes. :p cool experiment. are you gonna let it stay and wear out naturally or did you wash it out later?

    1. Most of it kinda fell off during the day, the rest rubbed off onto my pillow. lol

  3. I'm pretty sure this is the same as those hair chalks, eyeshadows I mean. But yea this is definitely much more less expensive and it seems to work just the same!
    The yellow is so much more intense than I had expected, very good!

    1. I love the intensity, for sure, and the price can't be beat. You can buy super cheap shadows without worrying if it'll feel funky on your face. ;)

  4. I especially like they way you did your bangs. Really pretty!

  5. Maybe I'll try this with some of those WnW 3 pans I keep buying because they're so bright and then not using on my eyes because they're so bright.


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