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Immersed In Ink: Tattoo Arts & Horror Fest *Updated*

~*~Update at the bottom~*~

There is something very daunting about the prospect of condensing two whole days into one little post. Although, "little" is relative as this is going to be pretty long compared to most of my others. Thirty-eight pictures and video clips in total, plus my quirky commentary. We've got a long road ahead so I hope you're comfortable. ;) Some of the images you may have seen on instagram or facebook, but fear not! This is your opportunity to get more backstory! lol

We left around 9:30am on the 4th to pick up Aaron's friend Dave. On our way up to Mesquite we stopped in Italy (it's becoming tradition) for eats and a surprise musical number performed by this guy:

He was standing outside of the gas station singing Elvis songs. I tipped him because the whole situation with him being there made me giggle. I love to laugh. The place we always stop is one of those gas stations with a Sonic attached and this time our booth was directly under a picture of Willie Nelson:

We ate our lunch and headed off without getting a picture of Dave in the UFO. Said it was too hot. :p His loss. After another hour or so we finally made it to the Mesquite Convention Center!

A venue which was a little smaller than we had anticipated, but this fact was actually a bonus for me. I'm not comfortable in large crowds. It wasn't long before Aaron spotted what we had come for:

Sideshow banner! According to the itinerary, however, we were about four hours early for the show. So we wandered around in circles for quite some time. There were a few celebrities there signing autographs. The only one with a price list was Robert LeSardo (Death Race and Nip/Tuck), but I think he was the most... stand-offish of the group? He wasn't a jerk to the people who were talking to him, but I guess being the "biggest" star was a factor. He was always surrounded by people making sure you couldn't sneak a picture of him... The rest of them weren't guarded so we did manage to stealth-sneak some pics. (these next three pics are from Dave's phone because it took way better pics than mine)

He caught Robert Mukes (House of 1000 Corpses and Drillbit Taylor) who we caught a few times checking out my boobs. Kudos to Aaron for being a good sport and letting my girls out to play for the weekend. ^_^

Anthony Moran who was the original Michael Myers.

And Duane Whitaker from Dusk Til Dawn 2 and Pulp Fiction.

Even though we were trying to be good and waiting for Boobzilla to show up Aaron had to get Bob Elmore's (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) autograph. Being Texan and in Texas.

He was such a nice guy. Everyone that we talked to was, really. Just amazing. After a few hours of walking around I got a little hungry, so...

Here's the $2 cookie he bought for me that didn't end up posting to Instagram. lol

Then, finally, the moment we had been waiting for! The Captain's Sideshow featuring the Oh No! Variety Show!! Below are a few short clips from the videos we took that first day. Starting with David the Goliath putting his arms into some sturdy, old animal traps:

The first one triggered early and pinched him. Ouch!

Stephanie doing some hula hoop jumping on a mess of glass:

After which she shoved The Captain's (her husband's) face into the glass. "As payback for childbirth"

Here she is smashing a cinderblock on his chest while he's sandwiched between two beds of nails!

Here is a very short segment from Boobzilla's fire eater routine:

Which was amazing and hilarious!! Here she is swallowing a sword that Aaron got to test for authenticity!!

After the show they do audience participation for tips.

Yep, you staple-gun it to them. The more you tip, the more desirable the location on which you get to staple.

After the tipping boon Aaron got a second with Boobzilla to show her his tattoo and she recognized him immediately. Aaron got his fangirl picture:

Then her and David the Goliath stood around talking with us for nearly three hours! Just like hanging out with old friends. It was so amazing and during this time that she said she wanted us to come back for Saturday's show because that's when she was going to do her "boob stuff". Even went so far as to offer to get us in as her personal guests if we couldn't swing the entrance fee after all the gas money we had to shell out for the trip. O_O No kidding! It was, legitimately, 1000x more awesome than we had ever dared hope for.

Here's a shot of Stephanie (another one stolen from Dave) triumphantly returning with her tips. This is one of my favorite pictures from the night.

While we were chatting with Boobzilla and David Goliath we kinda missed the suspension show, but... didn't mind. lol At all.

I didn't get any pictures of it, but since it was the Fourth of July we were treated to fireworks the entire drive home. We had the luckiest timing; passing by Waco just as the finale was coming to a close and people starting pouring out of the park. Yep, totally missed the guaranteed traffic jam. *score*

So we got home, exhausted and elated, and sat down counting funds; both on-hand and available. We pooled together all of our resources and decided that since we could make a return trip without sacrificing groceries that we would make a return trip. I mean, we were personally asked by a performer. You don't just say no to that.

~*~Five hours of sleep later~*~ On our way out Aaron's mom called needing a ride to the gun range. He didn't tell her we were headed back to Mesquite otherwise she wouldn't have asked. It was in the opposite direction (closer to Austin), but she's his mom and and worth the delay. Here's a little selfie I took that showcases my fatigue more than my Boobzilla inspired makeup...

Oh yeah! My hair didn't turn out quite as purple as I wanted, but that ended up being such a blessing. Everybody loves this color and, believe it or not, there were no less than 20 girls walking around with the purple hair I was going for. Apparently purple is a popular color for hair this summer and by not nailing it I stood out!

After a quick gas-up on our way back through town we were back on the road! We picked up road eats that morning so no stops in Italy this time. We had to get there! We missed the first sideshow run (and Boobzilla was at iHop when we got there) so we made a few rounds while we waited. This time Aaron stopped to get Anthony Moran's autograph.

He was really cool, too. See? It says "Trick Or Treat"! ^_^

On one of our passes by the stage Aaron spied Boobzilla's promo poster and I snapped a pic. This is currently the background image on his phone:

Which her and David Goliath both got a huge kick out of when they got back from lunch. While we were chatting with them (and buying up more merchandise; saving went totally out the window lol) I checked the schedule and noticed that the 313 Suspension Team was doing a "sideshow" and decided to take a peek.

This girl got 80 total piercings (40 on each side) on stage!

The final result was this rainbow wings effect. Way cool.

She walked around like that for hours! Although, I would too if I had wings. ;)

I missed a few pics because Boobzilla had made her way over to Robert Mukes' booth (little fangirling on her part, which was adorable) and waved us over for backup so we actually got to stand around and chat with him for a bit. WHAT?! Yeah. hehehe She hooked us up with a convo while she tried to convince him to pop over for her show later.

Next is the part that's going to be hard for me to type up because I suck so bad with names. Had Aaron help me with a cheat sheet. *deep breath* After a bit more wandering was the celebrity Q&A panel!

They had (from left to right) Robert Mukes, J LaRose (Repo! The Genetic Opera and Saw III & Saw IV), Anthony Moran, Duane Whitaker, Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2 ~ I don't know anything she's been in, but that's the one she seemed most proud of), Robert Elmore and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th 1 & 2 as the original kid Jason) on the far right. He was a bit late doing something, that's why he wasn't in the first pic. I felt a little bad because the Q&A had such a slow start, but Tiffany and Ari jumped right in with their own questions and got the ball rolling. It was really awesome and so much fun. (and you'll notice Robert LaSardo isn't up there... and I doubt it's because Robert Mukes took up two chairs lol) At one point Ari stood up to demonstrate Elmore's Leatherface "chainsaw dance" and... *ahem* if you ever get the chance to see him in person *looks around* check to see if he's wearing tight pants. Totally worth a glance. ;)

After that we had a few minutes before the next sideshow act so Aaron popped over for J LaRose's autograph.

One of his (scarce few) lines in Repo is "Mr Largo, how are you?" and Aaron is just thrilled to tits that he signed it "Mr Aaron, how are you?" ^_^

Then! Yes. More sideshow. I was very glad that it was a totally different set up this time, so we didn't get the same show twice. Even the stunts that were the same were performed by different people. The first one you may want to skip if you're squeemish. We start off with Dustin (The Captain) snapping one of those old-timey cartoon-style steel animal traps right onto his junk. I felt so bad cheering for this one, but... he wouldn't have put it out there if he couldn't do it.

Up next we have David the Goliath on a bed of machetes (or "ma-che-te-te-te-tes") while Robert Mukes (she got him to do it!) stands on top of him. This one is a little long, but David was such an awesome guy (tbh he reminded us a lot of Mr. Norma) I just couldn't cut his victory pose.

Ouch! Then Boobzilla did her "human blockhead", pounding a nail into her nose.

Since my stupid finger didn't cleanly hit to record Mike's board of nails on the crotch, here he is sandwiched between the two with the cinderblock smashing. With a Darth Vader mask on!

Last, but certainly not least, the whole reason Boobzilla wanted us to come back: Breaking her record by holding up a 90+ lb (I tried to find her exact weight, but couldn't. I think the previous record was 92lbs?) chick with her boobs!

~*~UPDATE~*~ I was contacted by Nina (the chick Boobzilla lifted to beat her record) and she says she weighs between 115-120lbs. Hurray for broken records! ^_^ Thanks, Nina! Glad to have the info!!

So there you have it. Our super epic weekend all super condensed. If that's not enough for you, then you're in luck! Boobzilla had us upload our vids to google drive since none of theirs came out. I'm not prepared to code and name every single link so I'll just copy/paste the list here and you're free to copy/paste them into your browser if you'd like to see them in their original, uncut, unmodified states. (fair warning: a few of them are sideways)

And there you are. *phew* I'm going to take this opportunity to relax with Minecraft. Come on back tomorrow for some more Polish Yer Hooves!! Take care and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"


  1. You're so weird! I love it! Seems like you had fun!!

    1. hehehe We did! Already planning on going back next year. ^_^

  2. Super awesome, I'm totally jealous of your weekend! Thanks for the play by play, pics and vid!!

    1. If y'all ever happen to come down when something like this is going on we'll totally take y'all with us! ^_^

    2. OMG Hellz yes! We love stuff like this ^_^ did I miss this reply? LOL

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    1. OMG Me either! They took it like champs but it still seems like it would be VERY painful. lol


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