Friday, July 4, 2014

IAMS Proactive Health Adult (Chicken Flavor)

Happy Independence Day, y'all! (^_^)"/" Even if you don't celebrate I hope you have a happy day anyway.

So Leigh Anne (you know, from Polish Yer Hooves!) introduced me to BzzAgent a little while ago. I sat doing surveys and some of them rewarded me with MyPoints points! So I was all "Yay!" and kept filling them out. Lo and behold I end up invited to try out this IAMS Proactive Health* cat food. I already did my review on their site and now I'll do one here. I don't get extra credit or anything, I was just pretty impressed, and here's why:

All told we have six cats to feed. Four indoor furbabies and two strays who camp out on the back porch. That is a lot of cats and you may find yourself thinking "No wonder you were happy to get some free cat food". Actually, that's not the case at all. At first I was very apprehensive. Even though Saleen is doing much better after finally finally getting her inside; she has a pretty sensitive tummy. After months of trying to find a cat food she'd keep down we finally found Purina Cat Chow and now that's all we buy. She is a lot healthier than when we first got her, but anything we can do to minimize health problems we try to do. So, yeah, pretty apprehensive. That said, when the bag arrived she was immediately curious:

I made sure to save the last bits of the Cat Chow to mix into the bowl part for her. Just in case. The rest of the cats will eat any old thing whenever, but she needs a little extra care. The first thing that struck me when I opened the IAMS bag was how fresh it smelled! There was a definitely kibble aroma that brought the cats swarming. The second thing I noticed was that all of the kibbles were the same shape and color. Personally I was a little disappointed by this, but in this case it's not about me; it's about the cats, and they don't seem to mind the monotony.

There's Icarus patiently waiting his turn for once.

It's been about a week and the cats really seem to be enjoying the IAMS Proactive Health food. Saleen has not thrown it up and everybody seems to have more energy. Although that could also be attributed to the new a/c unit in the living room. Who knows with cats? I'm just glad they're all healthy and happy and seem to be handling this new food quite well. Would I purchase it? Sure, with a coupon. It's $2 more per bag than the Cat Chow and with six hungry little mouths to feed... it adds up. If money weren't an issue I absolutely would.

*Product provided free by IAMS (through BzzAgent) for honest review. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.


  1. I always wanted get my cat IAMS when I had her, but mehhh, it's too expensive, I think the difference was more pronounced back then

    1. I tend to agree. With all the new regulations that have come out I don't think there's too much difference anymore. Unless you buy the really bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. >_> lol


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