Sunday, July 20, 2014

China Glaze: Cherish

Hello, lovelies. First up: Don't forget to pick or skip your Maven box! I actually wish I could afford it this month. The colors are very pretty. Also, did anybody else notice they hiked up the price of the add-on polishes? WTF? Maybe they wouldn't have to have to many "open to all" sales if they treated their Mavens a little better, but... I digress. Yesterday's hiatus helped a bit, I think. I was going to post, but then my dad came in late and it was almost 7pm by the time I got to sit here and by that point I just wanted to load up Sims and relax. OH! Before I forget, even with the bigger glitters thrown in there Cosmo was only slightly more difficult to remove than regular texture polish, and still a bit easier than regular glitter polishes.

Now, Cherish!

This is two coats, though if you're careful one will suffice. I love the green color in this. It's a bit more vibrant than most of my other chrome/metallic greens. Application was super easy over my regular basecoat; no streaking or weirdness at all.

Doesn't lay quite as flat as some other chromes, but that helps disguise ridges and stuff which is always a bonus for those of us who don't live in falsies. (nothing wrong with falsies if that's your thing, just that I don't)

That's it for me. Now to wait around for my mom to get back with my car (>_<) so I can finish up the dailies. Tomorrow I'll have Rimmel Blueberry Whizz (seriously, wtf is up with that name?) and hopefully a message for those of you waiting on packages from me. I know! I'm awful. Also, I did pick up two brand new eyeshadow compacts (on clearance lol) so that when I do the post on that I can include how much was used. Yay! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care! Love you guys!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I actually willingly ordered from Julep this month o_o Not polish. The colours didn't jump at me and I typically hate their formula but the eye shadow palette was cute

    1. I didn't even look at the eyesahdows. I was first struck by the pretty shimmers... then crushed by my bank balance.... *sniffles* Have you used their shadows before? You'll have to let me know if they're any good.

    2. (((Lizzy))) I haven't used their shadows before but I heard they are very good. I find I like their cosmetics better than their polish and I'm seriously thinking of getting enough Jules to get a free box then cancelling. I have never really liked Julep so...why bother right?

    3. The only one of their cosmetics I've tried was their lip gloss way back when and it sucked out loud. So thick and sticky!! You can cancel if you want, but don't forget Kai. @_@ They're not all bad. lol

    4. OOH yes! Kai is SUCH a beauty!!

    5. Indeed hehehe Also I want that black 'galaxy' holo one... I need more money... lol


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