Sunday, July 13, 2014

Berry Hair

Hello, lovelies. Nothing new or complicated about the products, just different colors for the same old dye stuff, so this is just going to be a quick(ish) overview of the color progression. I mentioned before it didn't come out quite the way I hoped, but... it's stood out and that's always good. Starting with my.... more or less original hair color:

Medium-dark brown. Not as difficult to alter as black hair, but... the thickness and course texture work against me. *sigh* Just a quick reminder of the products I used:

Vidal Sassoon London Lilac and Splat Berry Blast. I've been trying to take better care of my hair, but given the color on the VS box (not as impressive as it looked online) I decided to go ahead and use the Splat bleach.

Oh look at that. Still had some red hiding in there. Fortunately the purple is red-toned so I didn't sweat over re-bleaching.

I think they may have improved the bleach over the years. I don't remember it working this well before.

I used the Vidal Sassoon color more or less according to the directions.

Kinda purpley. Not bad, I guess. Still left me wishing I could find the old purple I used to buy at Walgreens. That was purple. @_@

I let my hair rest a few days before adding the Splat. This image on the insert made me laugh so I have to share it:

As usual I left the Splat in for... around five hours. Give or take. You can leave it in 48 if you want, there's nothing in it that's going to damage your hair.

*cries* I should have gone for the more blue-toned purple. Ah well, I can always throw that over this...

Not as drastic or "wild" as I wanted, but everybody really seems to like it. Even proclaiming "purple" where I just see off-red. *shrugs* If you're planning on buying London Lilac expecting it to come out crayon-purple... save your money. I want to hunt down the blue one and see if that fares any better.

For those of you speculating on whether or not the texture would help grip the stamping, I have good news!

It did not rub off during the night! Before I forget again, I got the initial inspiration to stamp over texture from gin shivers. She does the most creative stuff with stamping!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Don't forget to return for Stuck On You. Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"


  1. I personally like the warmer purple! It feels more luxurious ^^

    1. It's starting to grow on me. ;) Sometimes oopsies turn into wins. lol


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