Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sally Hansen: Sterling Silver +Push And Shove Comparison +Fangirl Squee!

Oh Blogger... you gave me one day to catch up on everybody's blogs and now you take it away again? So cruel...

Hey, everybody! I am so exhausted, but I've got some super exciting stuff to share with you so hopefully it will all come out making sense. Before I get started I just wanted to let y'all know that the Under The Dome and Soft Kitty collections are now available at the Polish Yer Hooves storenvy shop! Go check 'em out!

I've been waiting for this one for a long time. I was going to pair it up with something super cool, but I've got so much other stuff to share that it will have to wait until tomorrow. It was overcast this morning so sorry if my pics look a little wonky. Here we have two coats of Sterling Silver:

I went ahead and used the Lay Down That Base basecoat, but only because it's such a small bottle I want to use it up before I lose it. Didn't have any problems applying Sterling Silver and, of course, she does dry super flat into every nook and cranny. Pure chrome.

Ah, but how does she compare to Push And Shove? You know, that "ultra special" chrome? ;) The bottle shots don't reveal much (if anything), but I felt it necessary to include them anyway.

Now, these are so close that I purposefully did not label them. Look closely and see if you can tell which chrome is which.

You know I will go to great lengths to justify needing two polishes that are "close enough". In this case I have looked and analyzed and peered and gazed... Sterling Silver is on my pinkie and middle fingers; Push And Shove on the ring and index. If I were in a life and death situation where I was pressed to come up with a difference I would say that maybe Sterling Silver is possibly just a fraction of a hair darker. Maybe.

Although that could just be the difference in reflection caused by a slight difference in the angles of my fingers. Push And Shove on the left, Sterling Silver on the right. You probably don't "need" both, but if you want both I certainly won't judge. Still going to get No Place Like Chrome. lol

OMG Squee time! This morning I woke up to the most awesome Pin alert yet!

Sally Hansen pinned my polish!! *SQUEE* hehehe

There I am!! ^_^ I'm sure it probably happens to a lot of people, but this is the first time it's happened to me and I'm super excited.

Last, but not least, I did fudge my no-buy a little. I had to! HEB had the Rimmel Sweetie Crush display and it was almost empty!!

Blueberry Whizz and Fizzy Applelicious. I missed out on the pink and purple ones. :( 99cents each isn't too bad, but it also gives me some anxiety about girls grabbing them not realizing they're textured and then just throwing them away in disgust. *sigh* Embrace the texture, dangit! Or give them to me... lol

I was going to let it be a surprise, but tomorrow I'm going to crackle Fault Line over Sterling Silver. I tested it first to see if it would even work and... wow! Such a cool effect. Monday I'll have Polish Yer Hooves Golden Cow which I will likely use as a base for a fan brush mani. If I can find my fan brush. lol Hope everyone is having a spectacular weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. You are FAMOUS dear Lizzy. Sally Hansen !!! Even I with the short nurse nails and no enamel know who the hell Sally Hansen is. Squeee indeed, congrats and i am glad you are liking the winter devotionals. It is very cold here today, fire raging, poodle on mat. Winter indeed xx

    1. Yay! I'm famous! ^_^ hehehe Oh a fire in the cold sounds so nice. I wish we had a fireplace.

  2. Honestly can't tell the difference!

    1. Me either! ^_^ So glad to have a back-up! lol


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