Monday, June 9, 2014

Sally Hansen: Minted Metal +Nail Mail +Kitties

Hey guys! Yes, I missed yesterday. It rained for most of the morning, then in the afternoon we went out to the gun range to keep my ma-in-law company... that sounds really weird. Am I saying that right? Keeping her company? *shrugs* I didn't take my polish or camera with me, though it wouldn't have mattered if I had because Boots and Bullet thought I made a spectacular piece of furniture...

The little hams. lol

So we're peeking at Minted Metal a day behind schedule. No big deal, right? Two super fast drying coats; not basecoat or topcoat. Two days wear!

Two days and about five showers. Finally got all of the scabby bits (ew) off of my tattoo so I won't need to wash it as much, but still- that's a pretty impressive test for a chrome. Here's the first pic I took this morning while it was raining again:

Looks a bit more green in that one, I think. Of course it does show all the ridges and buffmarks and random imperfections, but when polish is this shiny it doesn't really matter.

See? What imperfections? I see only chromey green goodness!! lol

Nail mail! No, I didn't break my no buy already. This is another swap from the super awesome gin!

Let's see, I've got some awesome Hello Kitty swag (using the notebook to organize blog stuffs), little bear decals, Catrice King of Greens, essence Free Hugs, English Rose, Wanna Say Hello, Stuck On You, The Green & The Grunge and I'm The Boss!, Paris Memories 254 and Yes Love (omg get this) Glow In The Dark With Coke... LOL Am I the only one that thinks cocaine? So funny. Somehow I'll get these all worked into the queue.

Still going for Masked Ceremony for tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will shine long enough for me to capture the sparkle. Hubby's up so I'm heading out. Y'all take care and remember:

lol Stole that off of facebook. (^_^)"/"


  1. I am glad you liked the nail mail :) Gahh and I am so jelly when I look at these chromes. They look amazeballs :)

    1. Can you get the Stargrazers chromes? I think they're about the same.

  2. Here the weather is not that great too. The kitties are so cute :)

  3. LOL There is no polish Addiction!! Loving these SH Foils, but I can't seem to find them locally. OMG your kitties are so flipping cute!

    1. Oh noes! Hope they get to you soon. O_O I don't think I've seen them at HEB yet, even though they have the Color Frenzy glitters... hehehe They're definitely a little handful.

    2. Found them when I went out today, but could not talk myself in to spending $7 on one :/

    3. Not even one?! I bow to your exceptional willpower! At least you know where to find them in case you change your mind. ;)


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