Thursday, June 26, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves: Under The Dome Collection

I am so excited and couldn't be more proud to present you guys with the Polish Yer Hooves (recently moved to her new location on storenvy, be sure to update your bookmarks!) Under The Dome collection*!

Five fabulous glitter toppers that perfectly capture iconic symbols or moments within the mini-series. Each of these is swatched over a base color**, but I will have an image of them on their on at the bottom. Ready to get started? I sure am!

We start with two coats of The Dome. In the show the dome is invisible, but very solid with an electrostatic charge. The polish The Dome is a sheer blue base with red hex and bar glitter and tiny silver glitters that really remind me of that charge people feel when they touch the dome.

The formula on this one is a dream. The only one that I didn't feel needed a topcoat for pictures.

As far as concept, I like that the glitters are sparse because, as I mentioned, the dome is invisible. You can, however, build up a healthy smattering of glitters should you choose to do so.

While exploring the dome some kids come across The Egg. The egg is nestled inside its own miniature dome which adds both significance and mystery. The egg changes color a few times throughout the course of the series, but Leigh Anne opted for pink for her The Egg polish representation.

This is just fabulous. Iridescent silver, pink, red and purple hex glitters and a smattering of teensy silver sparkle suspended in a sheer pink base.

No need to fish for glitters, The Egg is packed with them!

The way the light plays off the iridescent glitter perfectly captures the egg as it comes alive!

Eventually the egg hatches and inside is a monarch butterfly. Previously it was alluded to that "the monarch will be crowned". What this ultimately means is a mystery, but it's still a pivotal event as the kids scramble to release the butterfly from its mini dome enclosure.

This polish ended up my favorite of the five. Such a heady mix of yellow, orange, red and black glitters. If you look closely you can even see little black triangles!

No fishing or placing required with this one either.

If ever I manage to nail the butterfly wing nail art, this is going to be the base for it.

As the butterfly struggles to escape its tiny prison it creates dark blotches inside of the mini dome; blotches that translate to the bigger dome surrounding them all. Thus: The Dome Goes Dark.

The Dome Goes Dark is a suitably intense polish for a very intense situation.

Matte black and iridescent dark green glitters in a sheer grey base. Simple, but effective.

Quite effective.

Last, but by no means least, The Pink Stars Are Falling In Line. Another symbol alluded to frequently whose true meaning remains a mystery. Do the pink stars symbolize hope? Or doom?

The Pink Stars Are Falling In Line is a fair mix of pink and shiny silver stars in a sheer base; making it a perfect topper for any color!

I chose to layer it over The Dome just to punch it up a tad. It did require a bit of fishing and placing, but not much. Each dunk gave me between three and seven stars and they came off of the brush easily.

Look. The pink stars. They're falling in line. What does it mean? I don't know! (I read the book, but the series has diverged in several places) Hopefully we'll all find out June 30th!!

Here is the Under The Dome collection in all its naked glory:

You could totally wear them on their own if you wanted, or choose your own base colors. You may be able to achieve opacity with The Egg and The Dome Goes Dark, but not the rest.

Each of these swatch pictures (minus The Dome) were taken with the Polish Yer Hooves Cow Shine topcoat which... wow. Cow Shine dries so quickly and so shiny and didn't bubble at all, even though I thought it might for The Pink Stars Are Falling In Line. No bubbles. I will absolutely be using this topcoat frequently.

Will you be catching the second season of Under The Dome? What do you think of this collection created in its honor? Don't forget to visit Leigh Anne's Polish Yer Hooves storenvy shop! Full size bottles are $8, minis are $3 and the Under The Dome collection will be available shortly after this post goes live! She also has birthstone polishes and is still offering scent add-ons which I highly recommend. ($0.50 for full size, $0.20 for minis) Thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this extra long post. Feel free to share it with all of your nail polish and/or Stephen King fan friends! I will be back tomorrow with another brand new Polish Yer Hooves collection! Come on back!! (^_^)"/"

*Polishes provided free for honest blog review purposes. All content is my own.
**Bases used: Secret Peri-wink-le, Antique Pink, No Better Way To Sky and Elephant Walk.


  1. Very pretty glitters, just wish the bottle label was nicer :)

    1. These are just the promo samples. I have full size bottles of tomorrow's collection with proper labels, so those will give you a better idea of what to expect label-wise. ^_^

  2. the swatches are amazing :) a very cool collection - thou i dont watch the show its inspired after but the names and cow lables are amazing

    1. Thank you! ^_^ It is cool even without watching the show.

  3. I'm working on the little labels! :/ And of course, beautiful swatching! <3


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