Monday, June 30, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves: Golden Cow

Hey, everybody! (^_^)"/" I've got a nice, summery polish from Polish Yer Hooves to share. It's not neon, but it's definitely summer appropriate:

Two coats of Golden Cow*; a pale yellow-gold almost gel-like polish. Dried pretty quickly despite it's gel-like consistency.

There is a bit of VNL, but no PDL so YAY for that! You could totally layer this over another color for a splash of gold shimmer.

Bit of a short one this time. Sorry about that. Don't forget to visit Polish Yer Hooves to check out all of her new polishes! I have one more PYH lovely that I will post either Sunday or next Monday. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Take care and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"

*provided free for honest blog review purposes. Not otherwise compensated or dictated.


  1. Ok, what is VNL and PZL?

    I'll get this into the shop ASAP!

    1. VNL is Visible Nail Nail; where you can see the white part of the nail through the polish. PDL is Phantom Dirt Line; where the polish makes it look like you have dirt under your nails when you really don't. Quite a frustrating phenomenon.

  2. Nice colour would be great if was completely opaque :)

    1. It's almost there. With the gel base it's hard to say if another coat would do it or not.


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