Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nubar: Boyfriend Jeans +Born Pretty Store: Plants VS Zombies Water Decals

I really need to get this started before I end up raging myself into not wanting to. lol Ever have one of those days? Where it seems like every little thing just sends your brain off into an argument with nobody listening? No? Hrm...

Today we're starting with two coats of Boyfriend Jeans. This is definitely more denim looking. Especially since it's matte all on its own!

Interestingly, this color was originally much darker. Before I began applying it, though, the polish spoke to me. It said "Look close". So I did and...

Huh. There was a layer of whiteness settled at the bottom. So I left it sitting upside-down overnight, shook it vigorously this morning and voila!

That is more color accurate than the first. Also, I'm not sure if it's lightly textured or if that was just bubbles in my basecoat. >_>

After getting those pictures I decided that this would be the perfect background color for a Plants VS Zombies night scene!

You can find these Plants VS Zombies Water Decals Transfers* on the Born Pretty Store site by clicking that link there. They're currently on sale for $1.43 each. Act fast, though, because two of the design sheets have sold out! You can try using my code EMX31 for 10% off, but I don't know if that works for sale items.

Again, I am floored by the amount of detail! Just look at the adorable swirly eyes in this hypno-shroom!

Pretty fun, huh? Okay, I'm going to be honest with you guys. The thought of digging through these drawers to find the polishes on my "To Compare" list is freaking me out a little. So tomorrow we're going to keep on track with swatches with another vintage essence Date With The Night. Perhaps with some more simple nail art. Until then then y'all take care of yourselves and have a safe, fun-filled weekend! (^_^)"/"

*affiliate link


  1. I think with some sponging using a couple of different blues perhaps you can achieve a realistic denim texture with that base

    1. That's a good idea! I wonder if i could cut stripes in a sponge to get the weave texture. OH! Did you see BPS has a stamping plate that's covered in designs kinda like those MoYou ones? I ordered it. :3

  2. Nubar--I haven't heard of anything new from them in ages. Have I just not been paying attention?

    1. *shrugs* I haven't heard anything either. Which I'm okay with since there's more than enough polish coming out that I can't afford already. ;) After a quick google, the Jeans Collection was from way back in 2011. o_O Wow.


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