Friday, June 20, 2014

Norma's Julep Plie Wand Review

Hey, everybody!! I'd like you to give (another) warm welcome to my resident squatter, Norma! Who was kind enough to write up an honest and impartial review of Julep's plie wand. Also, a very special THANK YOU to Mr. Norma for taking the pictures!! Take it away, Norma!

I think the actual review of the Julep plié wand is going to be pretty short and sweet ;) Also in my manicure, the darker colour was painted on with the plié wand, the ring finger and thumb were painted using the regular Julep wand. As you can see, there was no difference:

When I first heard about the Julep plié wand, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t impressed. Frankly I’ve never had problems painting my nails with regular handles. If the brushes themselves are the width of small paddles (looking at you OPI and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure!), then it’s a little more tricky, but nothing being careful won’t fix. So quite honestly, I had zero intentions of buying the wand. However, that month Julep decided to stop emailing me notifications of Maven boxes (they usually send an email out each month reminding Mavens that the monthly box is going to ship soon and to go into their Julep account to choose which box they want or skip for that month. If nothing is chosen, a the monthly box that has been chosen for your default profile is shipped anyway)...

So there I was, stuck with a Maven box I didn’t want AND a plié wand that I neither wanted nor needed. Oh well. I did actually like the colours *phew*! So it wasn’t all *that* bad. And I figured I could at least try the plié wand since, yanno, I was now stuck with it.

In a nutshell, the plié wand wasn’t nearly as awkward or clunky to use as I thought it was going to be. But did it help with painting my nails? No. Did it in any way revolutionize my painting process? Hellz no (!). Maybe there are people out there who do have real problems painting their nails, especially with their non-dominant hand, but frankly I think the plié wand is a gimmick.

Here are a few issues:

-The handle is so long that it tended to get in the way.

-It can only be used with Julep polishes (I don’t know about you but I’m not loyal to any one brand. If I like the colour, I’m buying), which doesn’t help me because the vast majority of my collection are non-Julep polishes.

-There is a special cap that goes over a Julep polish and that special cap has a hole on the other side where the wand can fit into. It stays attached through magnetic attraction. There were certainly no worries that the cap would come loose and the brush would go flying but my issue was that the cap fit SO snugly over the bottle that it took a lot of muscle to pull it off. That’s an obvious problem if you want to use more than one colour in your manicure as I often do and want to use the wand. You’d either have to use the other colour without the plié wand, or would most likely ruin your manicure trying to get the cap off and onto a different bottle.

-The wand is soooo long that it sets the polish off balance. I often do cleanup as I go (I take a toothpick or something similar and scrape off any polish that lands on my cuticles while it’s still wet). You can’t do that with the wand because the polish tips over. While trying it out, whenever I needed to clean up some polish I’d have to hold the bottle upright by holding the wand in my mouth.

All in all the wand did work well enough. It did everything Julep said it’d do. But I’d say save your money. It didn’t help the polishing process for me in any way.

Thanks, Norma!! It still looks cumbersome to me, but hey. Awesome review. Thanks again Mr. Norma for lending us your photography skills in this investigative venture! I'm sure if you ever want a free manicure, Norma will be more than happy to oblige on our behalf! hehehe *ahem* Tomorrow brings another essence with I'm The Boss!, a name I just adore!! The sparkles in the bottle look pretty boss as well. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Take care, be safe, have fun and happy polishing!! (^_^)"/"


  1. That does look awkward, and appears to be aimed at solving a problem I don't have.

    1. Exactly! The big problem with Juleps are the length of the brush and they didn't really fix that so... glad I remembered to skip that month. ;)

    2. EXACTLY Karen! Agree with Lizzy's points, too *is jealous Lizzy remembered to skip and I forgot!*. I just didn't have a problem before this wand. And really, most people will have practice painting their nails the traditional way, I'd say it's the practice that would help you perfect your technique, not some over long gimmicky wand.

  2. Very thorough review Norma! You confirmed my suspicions with this wand... I honestly thought the crowd-funding thing Julep did was just a publicity stunt to promote the product.
    Also just fyi, Julep is usually pretty cool with helping you skip after the 25th, just shoot them an email and let them know you didn't receive an email reminder about the new box.

    1. I thought it was a publicity stunt, too Jasmine! I'm just glad if this review helps anyone dodge a bullet lol

      I did email them saying I hadn't received an email after the 25th. Their response was basically 'tough cookie, you're getting the box anyway' lol!

    2. Oh that's a bummer! I actually had five accounts with them (don't ask why) and last month I forgot to skip all of them *panic*
      I emailed them and explained the situation and they were like OK we will skip them for you. I cancelled all my accounts the day after via phone so I don't ever have to worry about skipping again :)

    3. Interesting. I wonder why they are lenient with some clients and not others. I think that's very poor customer service. If one rule applies to one customer, it should apply to all.


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