Sunday, June 15, 2014

Essence: Date With The Night +Stickers

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! My sisters and I spent all this (early) morning bombarding my dad's facebook page (yeah, he's techy) with funny pictures and memes. hehehe Wish he could be home so we could make him something special, but we can always do it next weekend.

Not in honor of Father's Day or anything (I have no idea what his favorite color is beyond whatever color his computer is lol) today I have two coats of Date With The Night. A really pretty, classy brown-taupe color. Is there a name for brown-taupe? I just googled it and apparently taupe is a lot lighter than this.

Not entirely brown, but sparkly and definitely more chic than I expected... if you ignore the couple of fingerprints I ended up with...

In the last swap package gin sent along some of these gold teddy bear, heart and love stickers:

And I thought gold would pair great with this brownish color, so I added a few.

Sorry, that's a bit shaky...

There we are. Also, teddy bear!

So cute!!

Tomorrow we're going green again with the scented Nabi Lime (which smells like green apples...) and then Tuesday is pink with essence Free Hugs. Aw. hehehe Then OMG finally I get to show you my super cool new tool on Way Back Wednesday!! You're going to want this thing. It's... just great. Okay then, I'm off to make some more monies before dinner. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. Adorable! :-)

    My Father's day nails are the most classic of all: red.
    Every time my dad saw me wearing some wacky color he would shake his head, smile at me and tell me that the best color for nails was a nice rich not too bright red. Of course I would tell him that he was old fashioned and he would chuckle and tell me that that was his job as a father.
    He passed away three years ago and my collection of wacky colors has become huge. But on his birthday and on Father's day I take out his favorite color and proudly wear classy, elegant, not too bright red.

  2. Let's call this dark taupe, shall we?

  3. OMG those stickers are so cute, they look great with this shade!

    1. Thanks! It's kind of a mission to find colors other than green to pair gold with. ;)


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