Monday, June 30, 2014

Decluttering Update #5

Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of... my using up stuff that I have hoarded away around here... I only have six products used up from last month, but I've added some "here's how it works/worked" pictures for you to laugh at enjoy. Starting with:

I actually still have a couple of these Neutrogena anit-wrinkle samples, but I had to share because I've actually noticed results!

Y'all know by now how bad I am about routine, but even only using this a few times a week I've noticed a drastic reduction in my *ahem* "laugh lines".

Picked up this Arbutin Mask Sheet from O'mart since they didn't have the neck wrap one Jasmine raved about. I'm glad I did. Another love! (prepare to laugh)

*snickers* I was initially shocked by the black sheet mask, but it has charcoal in it which is also good for your skin. What I really liked was that it was very cooling and the serum isn't sticky nor does it need to be washed off. According to the directions after you remove the mask you just rub in whatever's left on your face. Score! No running to the sink!

Remember when I hoarded about eight of these? I tried to use them all in a row, but four steps is about one too many for me so I ended up spacing out the last couple. I can say, though, that if you don't mind conditioning your hair twice this is a pretty kickass system. I mean, check this out:

Before I bleached my hair recently I actually found it to be almost too healthy? So many curls! *dies*

My first "meh". I know I "go" better on a (very) high fiber diet and was hoping these would help. They did taste good, but even at double dose (which is still only 1/4 the daily recommendation of fiber; two gummies giving you a measy 5 grams of fiber) I noticed no change in my bathroom habits. They may work for most people, but... I won't be buying these again.

I have had this around forever. It's a body spray that came packaged free with some Degree deodorant. It smelled okay, like light musk and flowers, I just never got around to using it much.

Lastly I have Bleu by Chanel. Another perfume that I think is way too mature for me. It didn't smell like a dusty old lady's attic, but... it didn't exactly smell youthful either. Very sharp scent. Aaron didn't like this one at all.

Looks like it's time to dig out my pouch and pick some more samples. Oh! Third month and I've lost a total of 18lbs. So that makes 6lbs in June and officially over halfway to my goal. I don't quite feel like there's less of me taking up space, but numbers don't lie. Hope everyone had a fantastic June and has an even better July just around the corner. See you next month! (^_^)"/" lol


  1. Lmao, wow what?!?! I have never seen a black sheet mask like that :o
    You'd think the traditional white masks are scary enough...
    I'm very curious as to what Bleu smells like, I've liked a lot of Chanel scents and they tend to be kind of unique/weird so I am kinda curious about this one!

    1. I hope you come across it so I can hear your thoughts on it. It was definitely unique, that's for sure. Couldn't quite put my finger on what it was supposed to smell like. lol

  2. It's a facial treatment and disguise in one!

    1. Indeed! I could sneak around in the dark and no one would know. ;)


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