Friday, June 13, 2014

China Glaze: Highlight Of My Summer & Yes Love: Glow In The Dark With Coke

*whispers* Hey guys. I've got a pretty bad headache so I'm just going to whisper until the asprin kicks in, k? We didn't get out to mow until almost noon and it was so hot, but thankfully that meant the grass was at least partially dry. The good news is that our festival trip is now funded! Coming up soon I'll have Norma's review of the Julep plie wand and a big THANK YOU to Sandy for talking me out of breaking my no-buy last night. ^_^ Now, on with the show!

Starting off with two coats of Highlight Of My Summer, yet another sort of pastel neon. Yes, the first coat was a bit streaky, but the second smoothed everything out nicely, and it dried really quickly!

Uhm... I'm not even going to pretend to know what this looks like on your computer. Highlight Of My Summer is a super bright pastel mint green. It's looking blue to me... it's not. Definitely green... in the shade!

So bright!

Previous experience has taught me that glow polishes do way better over white and neon, so I thought Highlight Of My Summer would make a good base for Yes Love's Glow In The Dark With Coke.

Two coats of Glow In The Dark With Coke. Not gloopy, dried pretty quickly as well. Very pleasantly surprised with the formula and the glitters add a little something special for broad daylight viewing.

Which is all well and good, but... not quite as fun as glowing in the dark! Funny story: Usually I do these during the day. Taking my blacklight bulb into the bathroom and cover myself with a towel for darkness. This time... I waited to long and got to try swapping out bulbs in the dark. I'm a genius. LOL First a quick look under the blacklight...

Then in the dark!

NICE! Judging by the bottle it looks like more coats might give an even brighter glow effect, but in real life it was pretty impressive after two. Oh yeah, and a topcoat. Haven't yet tested glow polish with a matte topcoat, though... *adds idea to the list*

Another funny story: While I was in the bathroom fiddling with the blacklight my bottle of Julep dry oil spray caught my attention...

Pretty sure that's caused by the bottle's color and not some weird chemical in the spray... pretty sure... Next time I'll spray some on my arm under the blacklight to be totally sure. For science. ;)

Tomorrow... is Saturday. Nubar Boyfriend Jeans. I will try to suppress the urge to pair the denim with zippers again. I can't make any promises, because I think I can do better, but I'll try. Y'all take care and I hope every one of you has a super amazing weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Another polish to add to my wish list! Love a goos science experiment :)

    1. hehehe All things in the name of science! Nail polish science. The best science. hehehehe


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