Monday, June 23, 2014

China Glaze: Charmed, I'm Sure +Boots +Preview

Hello, darlings! Blogger's being finicky about loading up my reading list again so I'll get to y'all just as soon as it lets me. Also, it's been rainy and cloudy all day and my camera was not entirely cooperative so... no close-up. *aw* I know, but thankfully Charmed, I'm Sure is just a cream so you're not really missing anything.

I ended up with three coats of Charmed, I'm Sure, but that was entirely my fault. You really only need two. Dried... about normal, but after three coats I did end up with some dings so this is with topcoat:

Ended up getting this by mistake (first time I ordered Razzle Me Dazzle Me they sent this instead) so I didn't particularly want it, but... I don't hate it. So there's that. I did attempt the stamping again. Came out okay. Going to hang onto the pics and keep trying.

Even though I already showed Norma (I couldn't wait! lol) here are the boots I picked up for when I cosplay Tannis. I will be wearing these all the time.

And since I've hit the halfway mark for my weight loss (also so I can look fancy at the horror festival) I decided I'd treat myself to some new hair.

The Vidal Sassoon is called "London Lilac" and is supposed to be purple. Since I had luck with it before I picked up the Splat to bump up the color a bit. Nearly got the "lilac" version of that, but... this one's a bit closer to what I'm looking for. Of course I'm documenting the process so you can look forward to that sometime this week.

That is it for me. Going to see about conjuring up some ramen and playing a little minecraft. hehehe Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Love you guys! Take care!! (^_^)"/"


  1. That polish would work with a lot of cute nail art looks! Amazing boots! And also congrats on your weight loss!

    1. Thank ya, thank ya. *bows* LOL Yeah, I can definitely see doing something with it. Just not sure what yet...

  2. Love those boots!

    I'm surprised that I don't have this ChG since it is purple--I guess sometimes I do follow my own rules and not buy more of creme colors I already have dozens of variations of.

    1. *gasp* Hurray for restraint! That's the thing with creams... you can't even justify it by saying "but the shimmer is different". lol

  3. Saw the boots on IG and really like them! :)


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