Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zoya: Josie & Orly: Green Flakie Topcoat +Tattoo

Hey guys! Going to try to be a little quick. Last minute plans with the in-laws and I still have to make myself *ahem* presentable. lol

Today we're starting out with two coats of Josie. Perfect Zoya formula, dried quickly. Awesome color.

I can't believe I put this one off for so long!

Now... Green Flakie Topcoat. If I remember correctly Orly put out two of these to go with their matte polishes. The base is green so I thought it made sense to wear it over green...

Maybe a darker green would have been better since the flakies didn't really stand out over Josie.

It does dry matte on its own, which is kinda cool because who doesn't like matte flakies? The problem is that they kind of sink so you may find yourself wanting to topcoat it to make everything smooth. I did get a quick picture over black for you.

So Green Flakie Topcoat is a bit of a misnomer, but it's still pretty cool.

Now, who's ready to see my tattoo? lol For those that don't recognize it I got the astrological symbol for the planet (yes planet) Pluto since Pluto is the ruling planet for scorpio.

No, it didn't hurt. :p The outline kind of stung a bit, but by the time he got to the color I barely felt a thing... except my ribcage vibrating every time he hit a bone. That was an unusual sensation. The coolest part was sitting there with him and mixing up the perfect green. Pluto is generally associated with red, but... I don't like red. Sailor Pluto (from the Sailor Moon series) has green hair, and it's my favorite color, so I went with that. (and for the moment it matches my purse LOL)

There it is a little more fresh. OMG! I've been following Rhonda Choudhry (a metaphysical teacher) on YouTube and facebook and she liked my tattoo pic! *SQUEE* I didn't do it for her, but it's still nice. ^_^

Okay, tonight I'm going to try really hard to get my decluttering post up. *fingers crossed* No idea when we'll be getting back so it might be a smidge late. Then tomorrow I'll have some Finger Paints and some crackle!! Okay, enough procrastinating. Time to work on the hair and face. Love you guys! Take care and hope y'all are having a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I really like Josie, very pretty green.

    1. Me too ^_^ hehehe Couldn't stop looking at it.


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