Friday, May 23, 2014

Norma's Jamberry Review

Hey, guys! As promised I'm handing the blog over to Norma today. Take it away, Norma!!

I’m no nail wrap expert. I’ve always thought "what’s the point when you can get so many manis out of an actual bottle?" But I’m a huge sucker for nail anything and an even bigger sucker for FREE! @_@ So when Amber Roy on Polish-Aholics Anonymous was kind enough to reach out to me to ask if I’d like to give Jamberry nail wraps a try, I was all ‘hellz yeah! (*waves* THANKS AMBER!)

I’d vaguely heard of Jamberry before but hadn’t given them much thought. But after getting the wraps I of course went to Google to check things out. The claim on the Jamberry site says wraps can give up to 14 days of wear. Not gonna lie, that scared me! I like to switch up my mani at least twice a week! But I calmed myself down by saying ‘self, you don’t HAVE to wear them that long. But I was determined to wear the wraps for 7 days!

I applied them on May 8th. The instructions for my Jamberry nail wraps said they needed to be heated up with a blow dryer before applying. I was bummed! I don’t have a blow dryer! Thankfully good old Google made me realize that anything could be used to heat them up (duh lol!) so I used a small space heater.

To apply, I first cut my sample in half (it looked like one big strip) and then grabbed the very edge of one side of the wrap (you’re supposed to use tweezers or a stick but I couldn’t get it that way!). I placed the wrap on a tooth pick and headed over to my space heater to heat it up for about 5 seconds. I was amazed at how soft and almost floppy the wrap got. I lined it up with my ring finger and smoothed it on. I hate to sound cliché, but I will, it went on like butter! Seriously it practically draped itself over my nail. I trimmed off as much of the excess overhang as I could with a pair of nail scissors and then filed it to fit. I then went back to the space heater and heated it up for another 5 or so seconds and smoothed away any buckles or bubbles. They were, seriously, the smoothest wraps I’d ever applied! I was sooo impressed with them.

After one day of wear they were holding strong. After two days of wear, however, I noticed some buckling at the tip of my right ring finger along the ridges. Unfortunately once the buckling started, there was no stopping it! It got progressively worse and odd bubbles began to form along the nail tip under the wrap. I would press them down, trying to smooth things out but they turned out to be bubbles of glue that must’ve come up and in the process of trying to smooth the nail wrap back down, I just wound up pressing glue out from between my nail and the wrap.

By the third day of wear the wrap began to lift along the line where the buckling had started and I tried to ignore it...I tried! But I’m weak. In an attempt to smooth things back out I cut the lifted up part off. BAD IDEA! I hate chips. And cutting up the lifted off part just made the wrap look like it had a chip in it. Which drove me nutzo! So by day four, I decided to take them off.

Day four, left hand (no buckling! Still looks amazing)

Day four, right hand (you can see how I trimmed the piece that had lifted...which made it look like it was chipped...which drove me nuts!)

Again, I was pleasantly surprised! I got out my space heater and heated the nail wraps for about 5 to 8 seconds and began to peel them off. I’ll admit, I was hesitant because any time I’ve tried to remove traditional nail wraps they seem to want to take your entire nail with them. Not these! They peeled off just as easily as they went on and left no damage!

Overall I think these wraps are great for:

- people who want more elaborate designs but aren’t into doing their own art
- people who don’t like to switch their manicures often
- people who can leave well enough alone if the wraps do start to peel or lift or buckle slightly *sheepish look*
- people who have even nails. I think if your nails have significant enough ridges like mine or any other lumps, humps or imperfections, the wraps will have a harder time staying on for a full week.

One of the major drawbacks for me was the price. One set of wraps costs $15.00 plus shipping. I’m pretty sure someone could get at least 2 manicures out of one set of wraps (maybe even more) but I’m cheap! And that’s just too steep for me considering I’d balk at paying that much for a bottle of polish that I could get several manicures out of. With all that said, I really enjoyed my experience using Jamberry nail wraps and would highly recommend these to anyone.

Thanks, Norma!! Amazing review! *high fives* Norma's always trolling my comments (I mean that with the utmost love lol) so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! She will answer them. Don't forget Purple Velvet tomorrow. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. ^_^/"\^_^

    OMG ' Norma's always trolling my comments (I mean that with the utmost love lol)' LOLOL! This is true and so not a secret and yet somehow I feel busted hahahahah :) I think it's hilarious that your blog managed to attract a squatter *preens* *makes self even more comfie*

    1. LOL *snuggles* You're more than welcome to stay as long as you like. ^_^ I haz squatter. *is special*

  2. I just recently received some to review. I can't wait to see how they compare to real polish strips!
    The pattern you got is so cute Norma!

    1. How cool! I can't wait to see what you think. ^_^

    2. Thanks Jasmine! Can't wait to see your review!


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