Friday, May 2, 2014

NOPI: Sweet On Pete & Funky Fingers: Glitter Explains It All

Hey, y'all! I debated for a long time over whether or not I should pick up Sweet On Pete. I really hate these NOPI bottles and $8 is kind of a lot of another yellow-green cream, but... then Walgreens had it on sale, so...

Of course I picked it up on sale. lol Uhm, this ended up being three coats. Not overly sheer except in the parts where it was streaky. I like this one, though. It leans more yellow than most of my yellow-greens. (yes, I'm going to do a comparison, just one or two more I want to grab first)

I was going to layer the orange one over this for contrast, but decided that the green glitters were different enough in Glitter Explains It All that you could still see them over Sweet On Pete.

This is one coat of Glitter Explains It All, with two coats of topcoat. Thirsty glitter, this one. It's got small white and small, tiny and itty-bitty green and blue glitters.

Such a fun glitter!

Tomorrow I've got Gothic Gold from essence (HTF! Woohoo!) which I believe... *does quick test* YES! It's a texture! I can't wait!! Then Sunday I'll have Katy and Glitter Matters. Yup, doubling up in an effort to get this mob back under control. Slowly but surely. Y'all stay with me! I need your help to get through this. lol Hope everyone had a great week, that your May is off to a great start, and that you all have an amazing weekend!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Ugh I hate the bottle shape of nicole by opi too, it's just so... asymmetrical....
    I quite like the color though, crisp and fresh

    1. I really don't know what they were thinking with those bottles... not appealing at all. lol It is a nice color. On its own... away from the bottle... lol

  2. I love this! Such a great combo :)

    1. Thanks! ^_^ I'm getting a little better at matching colors. LOL


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