Saturday, May 3, 2014

MOOM Sugaring Kit Review

Finally getting this up. lol I alluded to it after my spa day fiasco, but that isolated incident is nowhere near indicative of how much I love this product. So a full-on review is in order. BE WARNED! I do have a few "in progress" pics and if that sort of thing grosses you out... sorry.

I'm going to start off by saying, "I hate shaving my legs". I have a lot of leg (both length and circumference) to cover and it's just a super pain... figuratively. Anyway, last time I went to grab some MOOM I also picked up their pre-done strips for my face.

There were a few things that caught my attention from the beginning. Organic & 100% natural, beneficial ingredients (including tea tree oil and chamomile), water soluble, reusable strips and...

It's made in Canada. lol My biggest complaint is that the jar is a bit on the small side. I found the larger "refill" jars on amazon, but they've sold out. So while I am compiling a decent amount of the strips, eventually I'll have more than enough and will still require about a jar and a half to do both legs. In the pic below you can see the washed and dried strips on the left and the fresh, new ones on the right.

The pre-sugared strips, sadly, only come in skinny eyebrow/mustache size. Which is convenient enough for those parts, but not quite as practical for the larger chin area.

After removing the lid and the safety cover you just pop the jar in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, stirring between nukings, until you have a "honey like" consistency. At this point the sugar mixture is not terribly hot. If you end up nuking it for too long (it's steamy or runny) just keep stirring until it cools down. For the first "warming up" it usually takes about four 10-second bursts; you don't want to do these all at once or you end up with sticky around the edge and a lava ball in the center. lol

You'll want to apply a fairly thin layer. This can be a little difficult depending on how long the hair is because it will feel like it's pulling. It doesn't need to get as hot as wax, though, since it's not solid. It should feel a bit warmer than warm, but not hot on the skin. Since it doesn't fully solidify (ever) you don't have to rush either.

Make sure to rub the strip good so the sugar mixture sticks to it.

Then pull swiftly against the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. You know this part, right?

When you're finished just gather up all of your used strips and soak them in a big bowl of hot water to melt the sugar. Rinse off any errant hairs and lay flat to dry and reuse!

The first time Aaron and I tried waxing it was a massive FAIL. No matter how much we stirred it wouldn't heat through evenly, it cooled too quickly, wouldn't stick to the strips, pulled out half my hairs. Awful experience. This MOOM sugaring is the opposite of that. I'll have maybe five hairs per leg leftover to tweeze out and since it's sugar it sticks. lol If you read and follow all of the instructions then it's almost totally spaz-proof. It's been a couple of weeks since the last time I did it (which was only the third time ever) and I have a few sprouters, but nothing like the cactus stubble I would usually have by now.

If you want to try it I've found it at Ulta,, and (no, this is not an affiliate post lol) OH! There are a few different varieties. I've tried the "classique" and "spa" and I prefer the classique. It may have been my own fault from rushing or whatever, but so far I've found the classique is a little grabbier. Which may not be a problem if you don't have stubborn, course hair like I do. If you do, the classique works great.

Now to feed myself so I can tabulate how much biking I have to do after my late-night cake splurge. lol See you tomorrow!! (^_^)"/"


  1. I use a similar wax from some other brand. So much trouble but this does last much longer than shaving... I really hate washing those strips though, so time consuming and I feel like there are always little hairs stuck on the sheets :P

    1. LOL Yeah, I end up soaking them four or five times and still have to rinse and scrub a bit to get all the little hairs off. The price to pay for less waste, I guess. I wonder if once the sugar is dissolved it would be okay to, like, stuff them in some pantyhose and throw them in the washing machine...


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