Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finger Paints: Symmetrical Symphony & Vivid Reflection

Hey, guys! (^_^)"/" OMG! I'm so happy. Been waiting over a week for my swagbucks cashout to go through, then I remembered I had a check sitting here from cashcrate so I deposited it yesterday and just as soon as it showed up in my account I went to storenvy and snagged Nfu Oh GS14 (gorgeous black holo), essence Blue Ray and Orly Lunar Eclipse. *SQUEE* Still got some beauties on my wishlist that I hope don't disappear, but I really just had to snag the Nfu Oh and essence. Ah, but those are polishes for another day!

Today I have two flakies from Finger Paints' more recent flakie release. We didn't have a lot of sun today, so to reduce glare I swatched both of these with matte topcoat. Starting with one coat of Symmetrical Symphony.

Symmetrical Symphony has a mix of mostly blue and yellow flakies with some purple thrown in as well. Coverage was pretty good, but I do find myself wishing the colors were a bit more vibrant...

Vivid Reflection is, for me, a bit prettier with orange and pink flakies. I think this one would do well during the Fall months.

Assuming it can be seen (*jab*) I think it could work for falling leaves in some nail art.

If you couldn't tell I'm still not super jacked over these, but... ya know. They're pretty good for a dollar each. lol Thank goodness for sales!

Okay, according to the weather predict-o-majigger we're looking at rain tomorrow. I was going to swatch A England's Princess Sabra, but she's going to need some sun! So tomorrow we'll be taking a peek at Butter London's Squatter instead! Hope everyone is having a terrific week. Take care! (^_^)"/"


  1. I think both these are really pretty. I wore a flakie polish the other day and seeing your post makes me wish I had used a matte top coat, love the way it looks!

    1. There's always next time! Matte topcoat is like magic for flakies. ^_^

  2. I felt the same. I didn't regret snatching the whole collex but if I hadn't got 'em on BOGO I'd be in a polish tizzy.

    1. Yeah. Price makes all the difference. lol Like, if Sinful had put them out? We'd be all "way to go SC!" cuz they are better than Green Ocean. But Finger Paints set the bar SO high with their first set...


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