Monday, May 19, 2014

Essie: Good As Gold

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. ....I just started typing without uploading my pics first. o_O Just one second. *dashes off* Okay, I'm back. First! We had a bit of excitement yesterday. Aaron (my hubby) decided "it's time for a change" and so we went to SuperCuts and requested the next available stylist. He mentioned on the way there that he was hoping for someone older and he got his wish! He didn't catch her name (fortunately they have the lady's pictures on the wall so he can request her next time), but she was very sweet and understanding and did an amazing job. He'll be donating his ponytail to Locks Of Love:

So much hair. He's loving his new cut, though, and even picked up some "product". LOL That's our word-of-the-day. Product. I think he got some Suave for Men gel.

More chrome! Today, if you hadn't gathered by the title, I have essie's Good As Gold which I showed for comparison last month. Wow, almost a whole month ago. Time flies. This ended up being four coats. Probably basecoat problems. I don't remember which one I used.

Not generally a gold person, but I do love a chrome finish in any color. lol

I only need two more of these to complete the set, No Place Like Chrome and Nothing Else Metals. Loving them.

Tomorrow is Sun Of A Peach which... wow. You're going to want that one. Got an amazing lineup here and I'm just aching to share them all with you guys! Fair warning: Later on in the week I'll be rocking some shorties here on the blog... and in real life. Yeah, Aaron cut his hair and I trimmed my claws. I may even share a "ha ha I did it again" pic of my obscenely (to me) short right hand. Back to working on tagging my old posts. Man, I've been at this a long time. lol Okay, time to post up and paint up! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Take care you guys! (^_^)"/"


  1. Good for Aaron for donating his hair. So long and silky looking hehe!
    This gold kinda looks like sienna from Julep, but a little more intense

    1. It does look a lot like Sienna, though I think that one is more sparkly. Going to have to add that to my comparison list. lol

      Oh yeah, he's always had such nice pretty hair. ^_^ He's happy with his cut, though, and I'm glad. I was worried he'd end up regretting it.


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