Sunday, May 25, 2014

Essence: That's What I Mint & China Glaze: Light As A Feather +Plus

Hey, y'all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I don't know how many of you have the pleasure of an extended weekend for Memorial Day, but stay safe out there. People be actin' all crazy and stuff...

*ahem* Today we're starting with two quick-drying coats of That's What I Mint. Another "minty" named polish that is more blue in real life...

It is pretty, and was opaque without undies, but I would have liked it a tad more green...

Also, it made a nice base color for Light As A Feather!

Took me forever to find a base color that didn't disguise or clash with any of the glitters. This is one coat, no having to swoosh it around for even coverage, dried quickly.

Upon close inspection out in the sun I was surprised that Light As A Feather contains five colors of glitter: black, white, yellow, orange/peach and pink! At some point I will be getting the rest of these. ;)

Last week Aaron and I wandered around to a couple of bookstores and I found some books I liked, but... they were a bit pricey so I came home and ordered them used from amazon. The first one, Dream Magic came in last night and I can't wait to dig in. This morning we went to O'Mart to kill some time and I grabbed an interesting looking sheet mask (it's lotion so I don't have to wash it off!) and these strawberry flavored "corn chips". o_O? *shrugs* They look good, but I'm saving my calories for dinner. lol

Let's see... I don't have a special Memorial Day mani planned so it looks like Jaded Jack (with Squatter comparison) tomorrow, my China Glaze "Real Nail Polish Appliques" review Tuesday, then another surprise for Way Back Wednesday! It's a pretty one that got a little dinged up in the night the first time around, so I'll be extra careful this time. Promise! Y'all take care, be safe and have a great Monday; whether you're off or not. (^_^)"/"


  1. cute polish combo :) and i love the crazy pink japanese candies i bet they will taste funky

    1. Thanks! lol I usually get the octopus flavored ones (surprisingly good!), but these caught my attention as soon as we walked in. ;)

  2. I love bar glitter! This looks fantastic together! How were the Strawberry flavored 'corn chips'?

    1. Still haven't tried them yet.... I will, though! We have a light dinner so I should have enough calories to squeeze it in. lol


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