Saturday, May 17, 2014

Essence: Joy To The World

Yup, a Christmas polish. lol

Joy To The World is one of those double-ended deals with a cream base and glitter separate-but-together. So we're starting with two coats of the brown/maroon cream base.

With just a slightly thicker coat, one could have been enough. Especially when adding glitter!

Simple gold glitter in small hex and tiny squares. Simple, but effective.

I think these look really nice together. Also a bit relieved to have the gold glitter paired with something other than green. lol

I spent some time today taking polish pictures so I can finally try out the China Glaze polish strips. I also have a plan to start something "new" this coming week here on the blog. I'll explain more on Wednesday. Curious? Good! Keep coming back. LOL Love you guys. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with Lunar Eclipse! (^_^)"/"


  1. I like this! Love gold with purple toned colors! Yay for Lunar Eclipse!!! Super curious about the 'new' thing ;)

    1. Yes! I don't often like gold, but it does look nice with purples and browns. OMG! I need to get the rest of the Lunar Eclipse pics off of my phone! hehehehe

  2. Not too christmas-y at all. I don't like double ended polishes, they are too hard to store :P

    1. I think most of the collection was similar to this one. Yeah, I try to avoid them, but sometimes (like the LA Colors ones) are unavoidable. lol Karen pulls them apart, but I'm so afraid of breaking something...


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